Mystic Guidance

Mystic Guidance is a way of deepening your spiritual life and expanding consciousness, thereby freeing your mind from illusions and beliefs that hinder you from being fully self-expressed. The mystic path is the path of spiritual experience by which you develop true, life-changing intimacy with your Self and with your Source/God.

You will experience yourself as a spiritual being, a soulful being, by using spiritual technology and disciplines that you will learn to apply in your work with me. The end result is a transformation of consciousness in which you come to a clear understanding that you are a channel and center of power and possibility.

Mystic Guidance will challenge you and draw out of you what lies within, and through the revelation and knowledge of yourself, you will experience  intimacy with your Self and with the natural world, seen and unseen.

Mystic Guidance is a step-by-step process that will bring you experiential knowledge of your spiritual nature. This is vitally necessary in a world in which the religious life is boxed in and choked with commandments, prohibitions, judgment, condemnation, external authorities, and a divisive duality that deceives and weakens all who subscribe to it.

It was mystic experiences that propelled my growth and strengthened my conscious connection to Creator Divine and the natural world, seen and unseen. I will coach/mentor you through your progression as one who has experienced and still experiences. Ultimately, you will be empowered and guided by your own internal guidance system.

You will learn tools that, when applied with discipline and careful observation, will bring you into alignment with your powerful, eternal Self through the mystic path. (What exactly you will gain from this is impossible for me to say as you will experience a revelation that is unique to you).

Here is a list of just a few of the 13 tools you will learn and apply to induce powerful shifts in consciousness:

1) Dream Work
2) The Mirror Exercise
3) 5-Day Reversal
4) Meridian Tapping
5) The 4 Keys of Healing, Self-Mastery & Transformation

Mystic Guidance will open your eyes to new discoveries of yourself and of what is possible for you. You will experience profound shifts in consciousness and consequently, your reality. You will experience yourself as you were meant to be and the world will show up very differently for you.

You will experience yourself as a channel and center of power and possibility, transforming how you see yourself and your past and present, and everything in them. Mastery of your internal environment and elevated consciousness follow your shift naturally and you gain access to expanded fields of possibility.

You will step into a space of being where what once seemed impossible is now possible, and your way of being will be renewed with vision and power.


Sessions are conducted by phone (recorded) or via Skype video.

Session Length – 60 minutes

Schedule – 1 session/week (plus an optional, rolling ‘check-in’ between sessions via email)

I offer an initial 60-minute consultation, at no cost, to determine the suitability of our working together.

How to contact me to schedule your consultation:

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