Lightworkers are those who are taking consistent, committed action to raise the vibration on Earth through personal work on the inner levels (meditation, prayer, visioning, ritual) and interactive work on the outer levels (loving, serving, sharing, inspiring, forgiving, asking forgiveness).

Humanity, all other expressions of life on Earth, and the Earth itself are in dire need of what you and I can offer and act on. Every moment is a pivotal crossroad for life on Earth and we have the power, individually, and greater power, together, to effect a shift toward Life, Love, and Light for ALL.

This is a calling to you to become a Lightworker, or to continue as a Lightworker,  and to gather with other Lightworkers for collective work, inspiration, support, and encouragement.


A Call to Lightworkers

Earth Glowing Hands 2

you approve the hypocrisy
because it leans in your direction
silent at the lies,
the screens, and deflections

you boast of the power
held by your leaders
stealthily comes the hour
of the rule of the ethers

and to you who might read this
with accusatory eye
know your are seen
for truth cannot lie

lines of discord
drawn in the sand
by the left and the right
by mere sleight of hand

while bemoaning the state
of things and affairs
you deny to the ‘others’
the dignity of heirs

for all is inherited
by shadowy gain
as the soul’s true treasure
is traded for blame

the pleasure of strife
in which you delight
is choking the life
as long as you’re right

to make ‘others’ wrong
you uphold your philosophy
as the blind lead the blind
in this game of hypocrisy

what, then, is the answer?
that depends on the question
on what you’re willing to consider
and where you place your attention

is it possible you’re like ‘them’?
and ‘they’ are really you?
that we all are truly One
not divided in two?

humility is here called for
and the opening of the heart
though this won’t complete you
it’s only a start

action is what’s needed
not devisings of the mind
we need a stirring of the soul
to raise the benign

we raise a mystic army
without weapons, without war
Love is our leader
and Light is our core

we will not fight
neither will we strive
we are not set against,
we’re here to raise the vibe

let’s raise the vibration
employing the Mystic Way
uplifting our Humanity
turning shadow into Day

are you one of the Lightworkers?
then this mission join
let us labor as One
and share the hidden coin.

This is a calling. The hour has come. The time is now.

If these words impact you, stir your soul, move your spirit, then communicate with me. Share this post with as many as you like. Let the calling go far and wide to all lands, peoples, and languages.


What is a Lightworker? (Part 1)

A New Dawn

Several years ago I had a dream.

I was in a world – whether another part of the universe or a parallel world here on Earth I cannot say – where there was a school in which I and many others were students. We, the students, were people of all ‘kinds’ – all ages, ‘races’, ethnicities, male and female.

We were learning how to work with the Light.

The teachings were presented in a series of classes. The classes were sequential and progressive. We were taught by the teachers that we must follow the instructions exactly and precisely. We were also warned that if we did not handle the Light exactly as shown, or worse, misused the Light, we would cease to exist.

I had missed some classes. Why, I do not know. When I returned I saw a small group of students, about 5 to 7, gathered around an apparatus used as a teaching tool. They were being instructed by an advanced student who became a teaching assistant.

I felt a tinge of loss and fear for having fallen behind. I wanted to speak to the head teacher about catching up. I then joined a group of other students casually walking down a ‘street’ that had no cars. The school was set up like a campus and it seemed to be indoors, under a roof seemingly, yet it was outside. I cannot explain it in understandable terms.

As we walked I, on impulse, went to climb a tree that stood at the side of the ‘street’. The tree had no leaves yet was fully alive. It was so tall I could not see its full height and its trunk as wide as the length of a car. Its bark was a peculiar pattern of what appeared to be braided rope and its branches hung low like stiff ropes.

I climbed the tree easily using only my hands to a great height above the ground. When I stopped climbing I must have been about 5 stories high. I then launched myself from the tree and took flight, swooping down and rising up freely and joyfully.

A student said she wanted to fly like I was and wondered why she couldn’t. Another teaching assistant answered her saying, This one is able to fly because he celebrates life and living.

So then – what, or who, is a Lightworker?

Truthfully, I don’t have the answer to that. I am not in a position to qualify or disqualify such an individual, or even to understand the meaning of Lightworker.

However, I believe the dream I described above might provide some clues….and these are only clues.

Might a Lightworker be a student? A learner?

What are the attributes of a student, a ‘good’ student? A student is open, receptive, willing, committed, focused, and sharing. A participant in learning and in life.

Might a Lightworker be a participant in community?

Students commune as they learn, participating in exchanges of knowledge and development of the self  as they do. Additionally, students work in solitude as a complement to their communal learning. Teachers, equally, participate in community – how can a teacher not do so? The giving and receiving, the sharing, employed by both student and teacher are inherent to the calling.

Might a Lightworker be a teacher?

Teachers know that teaching, sharing, is their avenue towards mastery, or greater mastery. Teachers teach out of their love of learning, sharing, and assisting in the development of others. Teachers may show where to look but they do not tell what to see. Teachers also understand when not to teach, when to withdraw so as to allow the student his or her own space to figure it out.

Might a Lightworker be a ‘flier’?

One who takes flight ‘leaves’ the Earth toward the heavens and descends from the heavens toward Earth. One who takes flight occupies the space between the heavens and the Earth and by doing so, bridges the two. The one who flies is the bridge between the Human and the Divine and in this capacity the ‘flier’ shows all of us what is possible, what is our potential, and demonstrates the power that resides within each of us.

What might the Lightworker’s approach to living be?

Life itself is a school, and living a mode of learning and growing in all aspects of our Humanity, individual and shared (which are one and the same in an energetic universe where each thing impacts all other things) . As illustrated before, this is the Student archetype, and the Teacher archetype, whose approach to living revolves around a love of learning, and sharing, that is lifelong and unrestrained.

Yet, there is more. Life is a boundless sea of blessings and as such is to be celebrated and uplifted. The celebration of  Life, and Love, is grounded in acceptance of and gratitude for all things.

Look up the etymology of the word celebrate and you find the meanings to honor and to frequent. To celebrate Life is to honor Life in all of its expressions with all its diversity and, at times even, its pains as they both are vessels of Wisdom. And to frequent Life means to fully engage in it, to fully immerse yourself in Life without qualification, without walls, without withdrawing, and without complaint. Celebration is a doorway to flight.

What is the material, the clay, in the hands of the Lightworker?

Every worker works with something(s). The mason works with stone and brick; the carpenter works with wood; the healer works with herbs, energy, and the Human body and soul; the artist works with color or paint, or with music or words.

The Lightworker works with the Light! The Light within and the Light without. Light is an essential condition for seeing, for vision. Light is understanding, wisdom, truth, and the root of enlightenment. Light is mental and spiritual illumination. Light is the fabric of the cosmos, of your Being, your Self. Light is the matter of all things, a universal expression of energy and consciousness.

Light is true knowledge that endures for eternity, occupying infinite spaces. Light is self-knowing, self-expression, and self-love. Light is the knowing, expression, and love of all things, by all things, for all things. Light, and Love, is our essential nature and condition in the innermost realms of our Being.

Character is also the material of the Lightworker. The cultivation of a character that bears the intention of for the good of ALL concerned. The character that does what is right even when nobody sees. The character that is imbued with love, wisdom, grace, gratitude, honor, integrity, peace, courage, understanding, compassion, respect, humility, patience, honesty, and authenticity. This kind of character results from constant and perpetual personal, spiritual work through reflection, contemplation, service, sharing, connection and spiritual exercise. This kind of character gives you greater access to inner power.

Are you a Lightworker?


What is a Lightworker? (Part 2)

What gives rise to the things mentioned in Part 1 of this post?

Language. Whether that language is word, picture, thought, or action it is language that gives rise to all of it. It is the WORD.

When we look up the etymology of the word word we find the Sanskrit word vratá which means will, command, law, ordinance, rule (

Let’s ponder this for a moment.

What does this imply? Our word is a command, an expression of will, a law. Speak and it is so. Whether we are aware or not, we shape our reality with our words! And by the power intrinsic to the word we can shift our personal and collective reality.

We give command by the word expressed – either as thought, speech, or action. The universe came forth through language, word, command, law. We live in an intended and intentional universe.

And each of us is an expression of the universe expressing in us, through us, as us.

Each of us is an expression of the originating word, the originating command, the originating declaration by which we came into existence.

Therefore, each of is and has access to the same creative power and potential that gave rise to ALL things!

Language, like Light, is energy, information. By language we came to be, we are and we become. We are the expression of the WORD. Our reality is shaped by our language, our WORD. Language shapes perception, how we see.

For example, a beachgoer uses the word crummy or terrible to describe a cloudy, cool day. A runner uses the word perfect or splendid to describe the same cloudy, cool day. Each one uses language which gives rise to their respective reality. Yet, all the day is is a cloudy, cool day – it is neither terrible nor perfect. Our word commands our reality and determines how we relate to it.

And what we aim to do as Lightworkers – i.e., to raise the vibration on Earth by increasing Love and Light to all , through all, as all – we do through language, our WORD, our command.

The word we express through thought, speech, or action is more than merely an idea or concept or deed – our word is a transaction of power, an act of creation.

Consider the Greek word logos. Logos is derived from the word lego which means to speak, to lay forth.

Logos means the word or form which expresses a thought and can also mean the thought itself  (notice that there is a distinction between the thought and the word which expresses the thought). Logos also means intelligence, a word as the expression of that intelligence.

In the book known as the Bible we read, in the book of John:

1) In the beginning was the word (logos) and the word (logos) was with (Creator) and the word was (and is) (Creator).

3) All things were made by (logos) and without (logos) nothing was made (formed, created, occurred) that was made (formed, created, occurred).

The idea of the word (logos, vrata) as the Divine Expression is the idea behind the Christ.

The word Christ is a reference to our Divine nature, our Divine power as expressions of the originating, creative principle at the heart of ALL things in existence.

And we answer the call and gather in heart, in soul, in mind, in power as Lightworkers – combining our energies, our intention, our spirits, our minds – to RAISE THE VIBRATION ON EARTH BY INCREASING LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL, THROUGH ALL, AS ALL ON EARTH THROUGH OUR DIVINE NATURE, WORD, THOUGHTS, AND ACTIONS THEN NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE.

When light is scattered we can see by it but we cannot do anything with it.

However, when those scattered waves of light are perfectly aligned, as they are in lasers, we can use it efficaciously – with love, integrity, and precision – as a powerful tool to create a reality of fully expressed Humanity, Love, Light, and Power in all, through all, as all.

Are you a Lightworker?

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