My mission is to inspire people through my writing to live powerfully, authentically, fully Self-expressed. Everything I create and share is imbued with this purpose. Below are expressions of my vision which I am thankful to share with you.


Healing with Meridian Tapping is an e-book I’ve written about this powerful healing technique which is very simple to use, easy to learn, and great to share with others. It can be applied on everything – pain relief, stress relief, emotional trauma, physical ailments, allergies, phobias, performance issues, and to create your desired life conditions. It works!

My Healing with Meridian Tapping ebook is available here as a free download – read it, study it, and share the technique and the ebook with as many people as you like.

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Healing with Meridian Tapping


A prosperity consciousness is key to your Healing Voyage. It unlocks the door of possibilities and sees opportunity within any situation, challenge, or problem. Prosperity means more than financial wealth, much more. True prosperity extends to all aspects of your life – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, and circumstantial.

I put together a Prosperity Library of 10 e-books and give them to you for free. These are 10 New Thought classics with teachings on how to create the life you desire.

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As A Man Thinketh
The New Thought Simplified
The Path of Prosperity
The Power of Thought
The Science of Getting Rich – 1910
The Science of Mind
The Secret Door to Success
The Way to Peace
THINK and GROW RICH – 1937
Thoughts are Things


Of Silence Of Soul
is a collection of poems revealing the worlds of spirituality, love, and nature as seen and experienced through my eyes and soul.

Of Silence Of Soul is divided into 3 collections – World of Whispers, Of Us, and Trees Speak.

These poems will transport you to the heart of life, leaving you inspired and transformed by the journey.