I work as a Writer, Transformational Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner and public speaker helping individuals and groups make powerful, lifelong paradigm shifts in the way they relate to themselves and operate in the world. The tools I use are Linguistics, Meridian Tapping, Dream Work, and Energy Healing.

I conduct one-on-one healing and/or coaching sessions in-person (near Mount Shasta, California), by phone and via Skype video and am available year round for public-speaking engagements. I can be reached at sariyd.feliciano@gmail.com.


The Story of Healing Voyage

Life on Earth began for me in the South Bronx, and ever since I can remember I’ve always enjoyed sharing with others – whether it was my toys, my time, or my troubles. Without being conscious of it at first my spirit was constantly expressing a desire to connect with others in meaningful ways even if the activities themselves were not so meaningful.

But in the end it ALL has meaning, doesn’t it!

Yet, I also cherish my times alone. Solitude and silence offer an infinitely vast space to fill, and I fill them copiously with imagination. Whether lying on a patch of green earth and staring at clouds and sky; or sitting in a dark room journeying into wild imaginings; or praying to Creator whom I had never seen but can feel in the temple of faith and imagination; or writing down thoughts and poems birthed in pools of reflection – in these and other ways I exercise my solitude like a contented monk.

Blogging seems like a perfect union of these 2 modes of being. It allows me to share with you while in the realm of solitude and silence.

I’ve been asked by some what is my message, what is my theme. Really, I don’t have one.

Healing Voyage is exactly what I state in the tag-line: 

A journal of personal growth and expanding awareness.

It’s a journal – it’s my way of offering small glimpses into my life, my journey, and my soul so that, whether you’re in Sweden, Nigeria, Ecuador, or California, you will see that we are more alike, more connected, and more at Oneness than previously realized.

It’s personal – you will find poems, opinions, anecdotes, confessions, and memories that hopefully add the savory spice and creative color of my individuality to our shared world. And you will also read suggestions and recommendations (of books, products, techniques, etc.) based on my experiences and personal knowledge.

It’s about growth – it’s a reflection, to some degree, of my growth, my evolution, and my hopes; and not mine only but yours as well. You might feel some resonance within your own soul as you read what I share. And it’s not just about the growth we’ve achieved but that to which we aspire.

It’s about expanding awareness – the way I view life, our world, and myself today is vastly different than 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago. I can attribute my personal evolution to my sincere desire for truth, my preference for experience over information, and my increasing trust of my experiences as the basis for my views…….oh, and my willingness to change, to shift my perspectives and beliefs according to the confirming and compelling power of evidence and intuition. This blog is a reflection and expression of this evolution and a testament to what I sincerely hope is an expanding awareness on as many levels as can be attained.

You may not agree with much of what you read, you may not ‘get’ some of it, or you may chance upon an uncanny reflection of something with which you are very familiar. It really doesn’t matter. The point is sharing and connecting so that, to whatever extent possible via the internet, we can grow a bit closer and a bit better.

So as you read this blog, whether you bounce from post to post or trace its chronology from the beginning, my hope, truly, is that as you learn a bit about me you will learn  more about yourself  in connection with what you read or even as a consequence of having read it.

6 responses to “About

  1. how did you get my cell phone number? I have never received a spam text solicitation on my mobile before. please stop


    • I apologize for offending you….I sent a mass-invite from my cell phone to certain people listed on my cellphone that I thought would be open to reading my blog….that was all. All the folks on my cell are personal acquaintances, for the most part so I may have thought you were a friend.

      Again, my deepest apologies…..you could email me your name or number or you could reply to my cellphone invite and I will be sure to remove your name from my phone. Blessings.


  2. I strongly support your purpose. I agree that if people expand their awareness and allow themselves to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually that they will be able to genuinely and authentically be able to express themselves, and reach new heights! Thanks for stopping by our blog, and for your genuine comments.


  3. Sariyd,
    Thanks for coming over to Be Whole Now. I’ve been prowling around your blog, and it’s quite apparent to me that you would be a Wonderful addition to the first wave (“The 33”) of the Words Divinely Wrought poetry-sharing project. If you feel so inspired, of course…

    BTW, are you a Piscean? You certainly come across like one (and as a Piscean myself, I mean that in the best possible way). (:


    • Hi Rachel, thanks for the encouraging words! There’s something primal in your use of the word ‘prowling’ that I quite enjoy. As for my sign, I am a Leo….but I love fish! Does that count? Talk soon.


      • Come to think of it, a Lion would be much more likely to prowl than would a couple of very lovable Fish. Perhaps it was the scent of the cyber-Pride that led me to that particularly primal word choice…


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