The Master


Photo Credit: Sariyd

She approached the Master backstage. Her insides bubbled at the nerves as she anticipated meeting her guru.

Seeing him she rushed over and said, ‘Master, you are the greatest! You truly are!’

He smiled in appreciation and replied, ‘Oh? And who is saying this? Who says I am the greatest?

‘I’m saying it,’ she laughed, ‘I am.’

‘I see. And are you? Are you the greatest? Are you counted among the greats?’

‘Oh goodness no, Master, no, I am not. I could never be…..I could never be like you.’

‘Oh? And who says that? Who says you can’t?’

‘I’m saying it, of course. I am.’

‘I see.’ He looked at her intently, his gaze burning into hers with intense interest. ‘So why do you say I am so great?’

‘Your words stir my heart and my soul like nothing else I’ve ever heard! Like no one else ever has! There are moments where I feel almost lifted up in the air!’

‘And what do you suppose makes that so? Why does your heart and your soul stir like they do?’

‘It’s your words! Your words are inspiring! They inspire me to see more than I can possibly see or even imagine! Your words ring with power and it’s like God Himself is talking!’

‘I see. And why do you feel inspired?’

‘Because….I don’t know. I just do.’

‘We see only what we can imagine and imagine only what we can see. Yet, if my words inspire you to see more and to imagine more, that can only mean that you can see more than you presently see. And you can imagine more than you presently imagine. I can only stir it up; and I cannot stir what is not already there to be stirred. So, then, if you feel inspired then you are feeling the inspiration already living within you for you to be inspired…..and to inspire others with. Do you see?’

‘Yes….yes. I see,’ she answered reflectively.

‘So then, let me ask you again….are you the greatest? Are you counted among the greats?’

‘I am,’ she whispered, ‘I am.’

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