Seeing Is A Power, A Mystery, And The Way Home

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Seeing is a power. A power like free will, electricity, light, thought, speech, or the musicality of planets. Seeing creates, transforms, reframes, redefines. Every act of seeing, even passive observation, is a creative act.

If ten are asked to look at a star each one will offer a different view of what is seen, creating ten different realities. To one the star is a ball of gas giving off light and heat. To another the star is an eye of god. To others that same star could be an Ancestor, a goddess, the center of other systems of planets and lifeforms, or a navigation aid. Our seeing, both its content and context, is interchangeable with intention. Shift either one, the other follows naturally.

Intention and seeing are facets of the creative act. Intending is seeing a possibility and pursuing its fulfillment. And alternatively, by seeing you declare your intention of how what you see occurs to you. You can shift how it occurs to you, shifting your intended relation to it, and come to see it completely differently.

‘Inner’ seeing is more powerful than ‘outer’ seeing; imagining more powerful than observing. But what if there is no difference at all between inner and outer? What if they are really one space seen through shifts of seeing?

Everything you see is the material form of a thought, a vision. Every act of seeing is a creative act. Shifting our intention shifts our seeing, and possibility and capability with it, following the course whose setting is according to the turn of a thought or a shift in focus.

Such a shift determines how a sky is viewed. Rain clouds are a threat to a baseball game and a blessing to the farm. Each way of seeing comes with its own set of thoughts, emotions, intention and possibility. The baseball players race for cover when the rain falls, cursing the rain for interfering with their fun while failing to realize the rain is a key to keeping their grass and dirt playing field intact so that they can play and enjoy it. Meanwhile, the farmer stands in the middle of his fields and removes his hat to feel the cool, refreshing drops tapping on his head as he thanks the rain for falling or his god for letting it fall. Reality is not as real as we think it is. Reality is an image projected by our own consciousness, intention, vision, and declaration.

A surge of electricity improves life by making possible indoor lighting or destroys it through the electric chair. Each application, each path, has its own unique set of mechanics and dynamics. And even then, each application can be shifted by seeing and intention so that the lighting can be used destructively and the electric chair can be used creatively.

We direct our seeing so that our focus allows us to see possibilities as wide and as far as we allow. Our state of consciousness is our power to see, giving us the ability and range of focus. What we see, and believe, with our inner seeing is the extent to which we see in our world around us. Our way of seeing can enlighten us or blind us to possibilities.

Narrow consciousness, see less; expand consciousness, see more.

The simplicity of this statement is appropriate and beguiling. We’re contemplating works in realms of mystery, eternity, infinity. A child’s comprehension is sufficient to understand while not equipped to contemplate mysteries. Adults contemplate, maybe, while falling short of understanding. The mystery only deepens the closer we think we get to understanding. All we can do is grope for the words while knowing without knowing and trusting without seeing.

The logical, reasoning mind is not the mind to grasp, much less comprehend, mysteries. This mind is too narrow, boxed in by knowledge and dogma.

Knowing, inner knowing, mystic knowing, a mysterious power centered on seeing mystery as ‘reality’, bubbles in the cauldron deep within the soul where the personal and collective unconscious intertwine like serpent and spine. The power rises, spiraling towards the apex of expression, and then descends into the realm of conscious knowing that faintly grasps what just occurred to a mind expanded and transformed. This is the realm of pure experience and lucid sound, where you know….you just know. There is nothing necessarily to know. You just know. And you know that you know though what you know may not be clarified to the point where it can be articulated intelligibly. Sort of like what you’re reading right now….you know?

Seeing is a power because it is an act of creation. Seeing is everything. Everything came about by seeing, through seeing, and exists as seeing – in mind, thought, as imagining, observing, envisioning expressions of consciousness.

(Which gave rise to which, I wonder? Did mind give rise to thought and imagination? Or did thought and imagination bring forth mind? What is the source of each – thought, vision, mind and imagination? What is consciousness – its nature, mechanics, dynamics? Does it have a source, or is it Source? What is Creator? What is Originator? Is it a noun, like ‘Creator’ or ‘Originator’ or ‘Source’ or ‘God’ or ‘Universe’ or ‘Consciousness’? Or is it a verb, a gerund, a constant activity – Intending, Creating, Originating, Sourcing, Seeing, Unifying, Being? I’ve had personally profound experiences, both conscious and other-conscious, and I revisit them from time to time in the halls of memory – their meaning and the evolution of their meaning, relevance, and applicability over my lifetime through my evolving perspective and my experiencing of experiences. These experiences and their significance – where are they from, and why? Do we create the experience or do we attract it? Is it creation, attraction, projection? Or are all these the same, single activity? Is the meaning inherent in the experience, is it objective, or can I declare the meaning? Is it a question of ability, authority, or identity? How am I choosing to operate? What ideas, concepts, and beliefs do I harbor?)

With the power of seeing I have seen and focused on things, events, and their interpretations and then experienced their manifestation in my experiential world. With and without conscious awareness.

I experience my current condition, for example, which I call ‘shelterlessness’, as the result of my always having felt, and said to myself, ‘I don’t feel at home anywhere…’. Yet, I am called to help channel healing ‘for the people back home,’ a revelation about which I always wondered, ‘where is home’? Where IS home, anyway? And the answer to that now, for me, is not a place but a condition. A condition of acceptance, enjoyment, unity, family, friendship, love. ‘Home is where the heart is,’ I like to say.

Home is with my sons, Solomon and Salvador. And getting along with Caroline. Home is a tasty, nourishing bowl of soup when I’m not feeling well. Home is in the company of beautiful woman of deep soul, grace, humor, and creative and critical insight. Home is in the solitary contemplation and shared exchange of mysteries and questions of life. Home is sharing with you and you receiving whatever your soul might give thanks for.

If you had asked me 30 years ago to describe home I would have described the apartment and block on which I lived with my family in the South Bronx. My way of seeing at the time was the only way I could conceive and answer. Home was with family in the apartment and the streets.

Yet, my experience growing up in the South Bronx in the 70’s and 80’s provided the first clues of the impermanence of home and of seeing as a creative power. My family experienced the chaotic disruptions of life when the South Bronx fires of the 70’s chased us out of apartment after apartment, from one home to another, over a period of 5 or 6 years. Hell broke loose and ‘home’ was frequently displaced. I learned to adapt quickly to ever-changing living spaces. And, without conscious awareness and to feel for home within me as I moved from place to place with my family.

And when the home, the world, you know falls apart the most natural and evolved thing to do is to define and establish home in a different setting and context. You never lose home then. You find new ways to define and declare what is home for you. In the process you find that home is more concept and condition than place. And in that process, you find yourself.

Shifts in seeing, a part of flowing with our experiences, expand the definition of home, making it possible to define and declare for ourselves what is and what is not. And what we say is so.

Seeing undergoes a shifting, an evolving, wherein the only consistency is the power to do it. We give it depth, texture, and tone. Seeing is dynamic, active, not passive. And yet it is essentially one thing seeing through all things, as all things. Are we the ones seeing or is something seeing, and creating, through us, as us?

Seeing creates the world you observe. What do you observe? What are you observing? What do you imagine? What are you imagining? What do you desire? What do you declare? What are you desiring, declaring?

Is your life where you want it to be? Is it the way you want it to be? Are you fulfilled? Dissatisfied? Disillusioned?

Are you seeing only weeds in life and not the flowers? Or seeing only flowers while ignoring the weeds? Are you seeing the flowers in your garden of life as the sole possessors of value and beauty? Are you seeing the weeds as nuisances to be removed from your garden, your life, or ar One thing and are expressions of One thing. Can we see this? Are we seeing this? And practical distinctions aside, what does this unity suggest? What becomes possible, or at least worth probing with searching and questions when we recognize the unity of all things varied and even opposed?

In the beginning, One thing became All things?

One became All?

One is, therefore, All are?

One creates, therefore, All create?

One sees, therefore, All see?

One seeing, and being, in all, through all, as all in order to experience, and therefore understand, in all, through all, as all?

Do you see this? Yes? No?

What do you see? How do you see it? How are you using your power of seeing?

What will you declare about your existence? What will you declare about the existence of all others?

See it. Say it. A new possibility awaits….and with it, home.


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