We Are Creator


Photo Credit: Humanity.org

Creator hides in infinite disguises of consciousness.

Tree. Blossom. Dew. Sky. Worm. Lion. Lamb. Child. Woman. Man. Sun. Moon. Star. Day. Night. Dark. Light. Grace. Fury. Wind. You. We. Us. All.

Creator’s omnipresence is the life of all things, in all things, through all things, as all things. Creator’s omniscience is the consciousness of life, self-awareness emerging through infinite expressions and arrangements of energy as matter.

We are Creator. Self-aware. Urging and merging through fractal swirls of mass and consciousness creating, experiencing, evolving at the speed of thought.

We are the grains of sand of the Beach, each grain possessing the elemental attributes of the Beach on a granular scale. We possess the attributes of Creator as expressions of Omniscience and Omnipresence, as descendants of Power. There is never a time when we are not possessive of these powers and attributes, even if they are dormant or atrophied. The sand is always the sand and wherever you find sand, even just one grain, you have the Beach in mini-scale.

This is what the Christ story, read alternatively, is telling us – we came to this planet, descended from above, to be expressions of light and the unifying dark in a world immersed in shadow consciousness. When you read about Jesus you are not reading about another person in history – you are reading about your Self, your eternal being represented as Christ Consciousness. The story is telling us that we are, in our essence, one with Creator and what becomes possible when we are fully conscious of and cooperative with this knowledge revelation. Through mystic experience, you gain the knowledge, the gnosis, of your union with Creator. There are hints of this union throughout the bible I grew up reading. In Acts 17:28 we find, for example: ‘…in (Creator) we live and move and have our being.’ And Paul’s mysteries make sense when read and understood in this light.

According to the Gnostics, who had no central tenets or practices though there be agreement on certain points, and who were persecuted, scattered and, along with their writings, wiped out as a collective, achieving gnosis was the key to self-liberation from the reincarnation cycle that keeps us entrapped in this prison called Earth. By resurrecting the savior buried in your soul you realize and actualize your standing as a son and daughter of Creator, as the very representation of the highest and deepest in Humans.

The savior-god narrative existed for aeons before Christianity – as Mithra, Buddha, Horus, Tammuz, Attis, and Apollo, to name just a few. In all cases the savior-god was understood to be the mystery and revelation of self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-mastery, at least by those who could see and understood it that way.

I follow Christ, not Jesus/Yeshua/Yahshua. Jesus/Yeshua/Yahshua is not Christ but a fictional heir to the mythical Christ legacy of our collective Self. Christ/Buddha/Atman is our Self – eternal, glorious, complete and unique in each of its expressions of life. In Christ we are all heirs through direct lineage, not through a sacrificial proxy named Jesus/Yeshua/Yahshua. The names don’t mean much either, by the way. They are linguistic and semantic constructs to facilitate communication and the transference of thought. There are other languages with similar and varied details in their offering delivery of that offer this same storyline.

This is a distinction I make which serves me well. You have your own distinctions and discoveries to make as you follow your path. We need not agree. There is space for all of us to co-exist in peace. Truth is not a single idea, path, or system. Truth is the unfolding of the individual expression of life serving to inform the whole, the All. Creator seeks the experience of our individuality at its most fully expressed. This is the hidden genius within all of us. The savior-god of our soul lies dead within, waiting to be called forth, resurrected as it were. And when we fully align with the risen Christ Mind/Unity Consciousness we become the full embodiment of the Divine experiencing as Human. We then become Christ incarnate, one in mind, body, and soul, with Creator risen and unleashed in the self as the Self.

In the story of the building of the tower of Babel we see a curious scene unfold. The story tells of a moment, a possibility, of perfect accord among Humans. With one intention, one vision, Humans sought to build an edifice of possibility, a memorial to a moment when Humans would unite and achieve more together then they ever could individually.

The gods caught wind of the concert of aspiration, one that to my mind was admirable and desirable. Maybe not advisable if done in ego-consciousness, but Humans can be advised and educated by the gods to shift, no? They visited the field of grand possibility and looked upon the scene with suspicion and fear, feeling their position and power threatened. The gods observed Humans uniting, becoming one, and nothing they set out to do would be impossible for them.

(Having said this, I will say this: coming together in unity, as one, though noble, is misguided and destined to fail. Why?? Because our unity, if it is to be authentic and complete, must be the natural outgrowth of our personal, individual transformation from ego-based thinking and behavior to that which is grounded in spirit, which we are, in disguise as Human. Ego consciousness produces shadow by being materially focused. Crucify ego consciousness, rise up as spirit, be the master and governor of self, all of it, including ego, and unity becomes a natural result not a planned enterprise).

Again, Humans had become one, in unity, and nothing they set out to do would be impossible for them!

Think about that. When we are in unity (consciousness), all things become possible.

And this – with Creator all things are possible.

Again, when Humans are one, all things are possible. With Humans as Creator all things are possible. With Creator as Humans, all things are possible. A self-existent interchange of consciousness, experience, and form.

What does this suggest to you? What questions does this raise for you, if any? Does this thought arouse anything in you – hope? Fear?  Excitement? Does it inspire you or scare you?

Question your thoughts, your feelings; examine your beliefs. What comes up for you?

Do you dare descend into the darkness of mystery, of unknowing, to discover what awaits you? Do you dare face your fears, your truth, your lies, your illusions, your demons and your gods without looking or running away, without dismissal, without defense or argument, and without stopping your journey? Do you dare lose all sense of who you are, who you think you are, what you’ve been taught and programmed that you are? Are you ready to become as nothing, a thing ground to powder, non-existent?

Are you ready to die that you may live?

Are you??

Go to the dark side of the light; there you will find your truth.

As for me, I find nothing wrong at all with the Humans’ ambition stated in Genesis 11, and I am confounded why a just and loving god, gods, should have a problem with Humans being united and aspiring to advance and elevate themselves. Doesn’t any parent desire their child’s advancement beyond their own? It is good for a child to outshine their parents. A parent’s pride in fffffthe child’s brilliance is evidence of this. Any parent that envies their child, or feels threatened by their child, or seeks to suppress their child’s free expression is unworthy to parent that child. These are the kinds of parents that, for example, push god and obedience on their children.

Do as I say!
Don’t talk to me like that, I’m your mother/father!
Do it because I say so!
Honor your mother and father as your are commanded to!

These parents are hypnotized by language and ideas held as authority and truth. It’s a shield against their own inner conflicts, doubts, and fears. They base their authority on the assumption that being a parent is equal to having authority, hiding behind others’ words or the word of a book or the command of a god to formulate an appearance of authority in relation to the child. True authority, like respect, is earned, not inherited. And the children will one day grow up and see and understand. That will be an exacting day for the pretentious, dishonest parent. And a great day for the honest parent that recognizes and respects their children as equals and nothing less than expressions of Creator for they will experience the deepest revelations of love, grace, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, fulfillment, and Self. And the children will grow to emulate these exemplary parents. We can heal our families this way.

We have some gods running around on earth, with their holy books and prophets, who are not worth your time, not worthy of your adoration and obedience, who do not deserve to keep sucking your intelligence and energy through fear, guilt, obedience and compliance.

Is a god loving and just while demanding the shedding of blood? Are the gods just when they reserve for themselves powers they deny to us? What would be the purpose then for their holy books, their prophets, their histories, and their salvation? And what could be the purpose for hell, condemnation, wars, shed blood, bloodshed, commandments, and rituals? Why are these demanded of us when they do nothing to improve the Human condition or to rid Earth of shadow consciousness? Or do the gods and their books in fact help maintain shadow consciousness by reinforcing the idea of enmity, discord, division, and separation? Why else do we kill in the name of this or that god?

Who are these gods anyway? Who or what are they that rule by commandment, decree, prohibition and proscription? And why should I continue listening to them? Why should I worship any god when I am called to express Creator?

Gods seek worship; Creator seeks expression.

When we choose the path of most resistance in this world we will see things very differently. And, for a time at least, we will feel very alone in this world. This path of One is a solitary path. No community can help you on this path. None. You are called to walk alone, to stray from the mass of minds melded into the matrix, to walk the solitary path to self-awareness and self-mastery. When we arrive at the core of our Being we will find our community. Otherwise, the work is on our own selves, not for the propagation of any group-thought or group identity.

It’s not an easy path….but neither is it hard. It is simply the work we are called to undertake if we choose to answer this mysterious call from somewhere within the universe of our soul. It is our healing voyage, our journey back home. And home is where the heart is.

Creator is home….home for me…..and why I never regard myself as ‘homeless’. I find Creator everywhere, in every thing and circumstance. I am Creator disguised as Sariyd. You are Creator disguised as you.

We are Creator. And when we are One we become Love and Power fully expressed.

And when we are one we will have won.


If you are blessed by reading Healing Voyage then share the blessing!

Share it with as many souls as you can.

Why keep it to yourself?

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