Awaken The Inner Mystic


Photo Credit: Sariyd

The religion of command and believe is insufficient to satisfy the spiritual needs and desires of the Human soul. The soul needs experience, spirit, the marrow of life, not the bleached, desiccated bone of dead, religious forms and formality.

The collective body of Humanity needs its super-cells to awaken. The inner mystic within all of us yearns to be let free. Our awakening accompanies the earnest desire to know our nature and our calling, individually, and then, and only then, collectively. Our nature is primarily spiritual, energetic, consciousness expressing through form and formlessness.

Awakening is to become consciously aware of, aligned and cooperative with our unity with the Universe, with all things seen and unseen, and to become aware of and operate as our nature and potential as Creator, as evolving expressions of the One that lives in all things, through all things, as all things.

The mystic in us is the seeker of possibilities on the spiritual plane through direct experience with mystery. If you desire, or have ever desired unity, oneness, with Creator, with all of life, you have felt the urge of your inner mystic.

Mystic is not a goal, cannot be planned, is not followed in steps, nor is it an endpoint of ambition or aspiration. There is no book to explain how or why. There are no success stories, no failures, no grades, no tests, no ranking, no hierarchy, no measures, no comparisons, no contrasts. There is no judgment, no sin, no offense, no approval. The mystic path is not even a path, not a way of life, cannot be understood by any known terms. Mystic has no standards, nothing to prove or disprove. You cannot succeed, neither can you fail.

However, you can choose. You can choose to follow your inner promptings, ask your inner questions, look squarely upon your doubts, confront your fears, face your demons, discover your angels, find your voice, discover the still, small voice, still the winds and walk on water. You will dream and fly and explode into a thousand stars. Mystic promises nothing, so eliminate all expectations. Be astonished at nothing you see and experience. There is no room for astonishment, ‘wow’ or wonder.

Mystic calls you to flow like water, like smoke, like breath. Mystic calls you to breathe free, accept all things, rejoin your Self, and show up. Mystic calls you to the dark side of the light where you find the truth. Mystic calls you to be the truth you seek. Mystic calls you to your Self, where you meet with all, seen and unseen. Mystic calls you to know without knowing, to create by seeing, to see with the inner eye. Mystic calls you, whispering your name, breathing your deepest thoughts.

Mystic, the unifying field of soul where Human and Divine flow and dance and experience union, is our way to spiritual, mental and personal liberation from collective illusion binding and blinding the inhabitants of the modern world. Mystic revolution occurs in secret fields of silence and invisibility without army or armaments, without organization or leader, without mandate or membership. Mystic is master in light, darkness, and shadow.

Resurrect your inner mystic and stand as the liberation and restoration of Humanity. Awaken your inner mystic with the power of vision and imagination to be a light of self-awareness, healing, wisdom, gratitude, power, integrity, compassion, and forgiveness in our shared world, and be the unleashing of the unifying, mystic darkness of possibilities hidden within Human Being.


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