Light, Darkness, And Shadow


Photo Credit: Sariyd

I used to hold to the idea, received thru my programming and conditioning in the institutions of illusion, that light and darkness are opposing forces in the Universe.

This idea of opposition is reinforced in fables where dramas are played out to illustrate the contrast in nature between light and dark and their moral extensions, good and evil. This is taught as a fundamental truth in numerous thought and belief systems. I see it differently.

Light does not oppose the dark, never has. Light does not equate to good.

Darkness is not the enemy of light, never was. Darkness is not the domain of evil.

In the beginning was darkness. Darkness pre-exists all things. All things came forth from the darkness, including the light. Light emerged from the darkness. Darkness gave birth to the light. Darkness is the Mother of light. From darkness emerged one thing and one thing became all things.

Many say when light enters darkness flees. Darkness goes nowhere. Darkness is ever-present. Darkness ever remains, hidden, even in the presence of light. Darkness is the Mother and container of light. Darkness does not flee in the presence of light, nor does darkness scatter. When light enters it fills the darkness like water filling the glass. The glass holds the water. The glass does not flee nor is it opposed to the water. And so it is with light and darkness. Darkness holds the light. Darkness contains the light. Darkness looks upon light as Her child.

Many say light is stronger than darkness, owing to the preconditional idea that light and darkness are opposed. A faulty idea. Light is not stronger than darkness; neither is darkness stronger than light. Each has its assignment without opposition to one another, without comparison or contrast on any level.

Would you say the elephant is stronger than the ant? Most would say ‘yes, of course the elephant is stronger than the ant!’ Another way to see it is that the elephant and the ant cannot be compared. They live in different domains and in different scales at that. The elephant can rip a tree from the ground which the ant is unable to do. It’s not a difference in ability, it’s one of purpose. The ant was never called to rip trees from the ground or to carry them long distances as the elephant is able to do and called to do in certain situations. However, the ant is called to move with much speed which the elephant is not purposed to do (but then, what is ‘much speed’?) The ant can lift things many times its weight which the elephant is unable to do because it is not called to do so. The ant can work ceaselessly without rest; the elephant cannot live without it. The elephant is assigned its path with its attendant abilities suited to the path. And so it is with the ant. To compare their variant natures is to engage in falsity and futility, confusing the mind further. We have more to unlearn than we have to learn.

And so it is with light and darkness. There is no contest between them for supremacy. They each carry their assigned function in cooperation with one another, never in contention. Their respective domains are distinct yet never averse to one another as suggested by our ego-perceptions which sees itself and all things as not only distinct but separate and hostile.

Can the seed and the fruit be opposed? Can the Mother hate her child, or the child her Mother? This cannot be so, unless the natural process and relationship is interfered with unnaturally, injected with an agent that disrupts the continuity of life. The mind that sees opposition between light and darkness has been infected with viral language that creates the idea of and belief in opposition with actions following close behind. Now multiply that one mind which sees opposition in Nature, in self, by billions on our planet. And we wonder why we have war, corruption, crime…

Each one of us must address this mind in ourselves and identify the language with which it has been programmed. By shifting our language and our seeing to a new idiom and vision we declare a new way for ourselves individually and make possible what was once seen as impossible.

Can an apple seed give birth to a different nature, such as an orange or a banana tree? No. So how can that which is allegedly ‘evil’ (darkness) give birth to that which is supposedly ‘good’ (light)?? The whole idea of opposition, of any kind, is a mere creation, a fabrication….like everything else in the Universe. And what is creation but a possibility brought forth into manifestation by the urge of consciousness facilitated on the ‘material’ plane by modulated arrangements of elements for the formation of new forms of life and consciousness? What, then, guides consciousness? What drives it? What sees? What is it that sees at the epicenter of all sentient beings? Know that that One Thing, by whatever name or concept you connect with, is seeing and experiencing the Human experience as YOU.

I engaged in a discussion about ‘God’ and that kind of stuff with a religious missionary (not Mormon) seeking to convince me to follow his lord and savior. At one point he said to me, ‘Well, God created the potential for evil and as well as good and God is good, holy, and pure. God separated the light from the darkness because there is enmity between the light and darkness. Evil entered when Lucifer tried to be equal to God and he became Satan, the enemy of God the Father and his son Jesus Christ. And that is why God hates evil and darkness, because they hate the light.’

I replied, “Both good and evil came forth in the light, in the creative urge of consciousness and self-awareness. In darkness exists all possibilities, indistinguishable. The light emerges as an expression of a possibility, distinguished and distinct. The scriptures you adhere to say that ‘with God all things are possible.’ All things are possible and all possibilities exist in the realm of darkness, the original state of all things before their manifestation/creation into the realm of light. Yet, you say that ‘God’ hates evil and hates the darkness. If ‘God’ created both evil and good then ‘God’ can be neither good nor evil. ‘God’ must exist beyond good and evil or else ‘God’ is incomplete. Light and dark are the completeness of life. If ‘God’ is only ‘good’ then ‘God’ is incomplete.’ If ‘God’ is incomplete, then could it be that ‘God’ may be something other than who or what you think it is? To say that Satan is another personage who is opposed to ‘God’ is an oversimplification that distorts. We must look at their meaning as representative and symbolic, not literal. Or else we can never see the unity in all things and the harmonious teachings of all parts….and never take responsibility for our part in the creation of our life, our journey, and our being. We will continue looking to a god/savior for help and a devil to blame when things go ‘wrong’. What we lose, then, by believing and operating thus, is our complete, conscious connection to the Source and Power of life.”

“Then what is the work of evil then? How does evil occur?”

“What we call ‘evil’ is the work of shadow consciousness, not darkness. Shadow consciousness arises from the curious nature of shadow dynamics. Shadow is formed when an object blocks the light from a light source as shown in our physical world. A shadow is cast on the side of the tree, for example, opposite the light source. This is what Nature shows. Now, not only is a shadow formed by blocking out the light, the shadow itself is the introduction of new and false darkness. Shadow introduces a darkening but this is not the true darkness, the originating, unifying darkness. Shadow introduces false darkness. Shadow is a blocking of light and a shadowy darkness is formed wherein things can still be distinguished but without the aid of light to clarify nor the aid of darkness to unify. Shadow robs both the light and darkness of their primary functions, sucking the power from each like a parasite feeding on its host. What we call ‘evil’ is the work of shadow, not of darkness or of the light. Shadow is cast only in the realm of light; there are no shadows in darkness. Shadow, and shadow consciousness, is the risk we take for ‘leaving’ our Divine, gloriousĀ  in order to partake in the Human experience in this realm of light for it is our seeing that creates shadow. I’ll leave that point to discuss for another time.

“In true darkness all is one. When you turn off the light in a room you are no longer able to distinguish yourself from the others in the room. Turn the light back on and you see the distinction and separation from others. Darkness is the originating, unified state of all things manifested in the light. In darkness is found all possibilities swirling in storms of expectancy. Its representative color, blackness, bears the same attributes as it is the union of all colors without distinction one from another. The color white also contains all the colors of our visible color spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) but the colors in white light are distinguished from one another. In blackness the colors are indistinguishable.

“Also, there are other colors in the Universe, colors we’ve never seen or imagined, that exist in broader spectra beyond white light but never beyond blackness as blackness is the unity of all colors seen and unseen. White light is not the totality of the realm of light. White light is only one sliver of the light. It is not all of it. Light is an infinite forest of expressions, tones, and ranges of color and frequency within which white light is but one branch.

“Darkness, however, is all-encompassing, holding all in its sphere of infinitude. Darkness is the womb of all life and where sanctuary lies hidden. Isn’t it written that ‘the kingdom of heaven is within’? If you want to know your true Self, your Creator, your purpose, and your bliss do you really want to go to a scripture, school, or church to know these things, to know your self?? Would you rather not want to go within your Self where resides the kingdom of heaven, into the dark realm of your being, into the dark night of your soul, into the realm of mystic and mystery, and experience yourself as that which you seek, as that which you aspire to be, to know, to unify with??”

“But Jesus spoke of darkness as the enemy of light and his word is the light, HE is the light and he commands us not to walk in darkness but be of the light. That light is in us only if Jesus is in our hearts. There’s even a logic to it. Walk in darkness, you stumble, you fall. Walk in light and you see your way clearly. If darkness is what you say it is then what about the words of Jesus?”

“I don’t seek to refute the words of another; I see as I see, I am as I am, and I am on my healing voyage just like you are. Words in a book are not the life the words speak of. Let’s not confuse the two. The written word gives neither life nor understanding. Spirit is the life and Spirit opens understanding. Written words can be manipulated. Spirit cannot. The light and the life written of reveal the truth of the matter. That light and life are within you, within me, within all – we all are expressions of the life and the light….and the originating, unifying darkness. When we consciously align with the the light, the life, and the darkness within, we will receive the revelation meant uniquely for each one of us. So when you say that the one you call Jesus spoke thus and so you are quoting from a book, and a translation, touched by numerous hands and curious agendas to confuse Humanity by keeping Humanity in the realm of shadow where light and dark mingle and weave in such a way that clarity and distinction become distortion. Go to the dark side of the light; there you will find the truth.”


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One response to “Light, Darkness, And Shadow

  1. An insufficient, incomplete, and immature perspective of an otherwise well-intentioned aspirant. Search deeper and higher for the more resonant truths that do not rely on unnecessary and largely disjointed analogies. Read more, contemplate more, meditate more and experience more before you guide or correct others, lest you become trapped in a cycle as one of the blind leading the blind, a type of recycled reinforcement of hollow perceptions. My tongue is sharp but my intention is pure, only to cut that which is false and to free you to discover that which is higher. Many blessings and much love.


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