A Simple Prayer Of Humility

Creator, bless me to see my shadow self, my broken, damaged self, with compassion, forgiveness, and understanding. And bless me to see myself as your child, your expression, with humility, gratitude, grace, and understanding.

And when I look upon the shadow side of another one, bless me to remember that I, too, am afflicted with shadow, and keep me far from judgment even as I observe keenly. Bless me to discern, and understand, so that wisdom and compassion are ever my companions and teachers as I walk this journey of life, guiding me and teaching me that all I look upon are expressions of Creator and reflections of me.

And when I do judge, remind me, in the moment or upon reflection, that I, too, have stumbled, and offended, and that grace visited me without measure or debt. 

I give thanks to you, Creator, and I bless you and I bless All even as I am blessed.

Blessings to you, my Mother, my Father, my Source, my Strength, my Breath.



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