Our Lives Truly Matter

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Photo Credit: Sariyd

Our lives truly matter, they do, and so then, rather than seek to compel other souls to value our lives, rather than attempt to make our lives matter to others, let us rather turn inward, let us turn to that life that is so precious and dear to us, even if not to others, let us turn to that life, each one of us individually, let us turn to that beautiful Black, infinite soul, and love it and nurture it inwardly, then together, in our own house first, as community, in unity, turning inward to the Source of All that is unspeakably great, unspeakably beautiful and wise, unspeakably soulful, Black and rich, and let us do so together, let’s come together among our own first, not to exclude others, no, no, rather to come together and feed one another, feel one another, love one another, nurture one another, heal one another – for are we not one Soul? – and having done so will come into our rightful position in the Universe as the gods and goddesses we are, as beautiful, shining expressions of Creator, and then shall we be the fulfillment of Life and Eternal Power spoken of by the Ancestors and the Ancients and moreover by us now in this moment of eternity declaring ourselves to be that which we choose to be in accordance with our nature as Creator in Human form and so be the vitalized channels of healing and transformation on Earth for the fulfillment of healing and transformation of all on Earth, that all be as One on Earth, with Earth, and with the Universe.


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