Universe Through Mystic Imminence

You are a single cell in the body of the universe. And less. And more.And just that.

And you are a possibility of a life and being, as you.

Some ask if there is life ‘out there’ in the universe. We are the proof that there is; and further, that there is no out there because surely there is at least one other being in this entire universe wondering the same thought – is there life out there?

And so, if we are out there, and if they are out there

…then where is here?

Here, now. We are the universe. We’re of the same stuff as everything else we see.

This is key…to be here. And not only be here, be here ‘awarely’, acutely, keenly, imminently.

Imminence. Ah, there it is. Imminence. Finger to the earth. The passion, the pain, the birth, the life, the death, rebirth. To be present, get present, to it, to here, to now.

And what do you feel when you do? And what do you hear? What comes to your immediate awareness? At whatever level, it doesn’t  matter, thought is no guide here.

To feel. To feel in the moment the urge of your soul. Truth.

Imminence, beloved. Imminence.

Transcendence….transcendence? What is there to transcend if all be one?

Transcendence derives from duality? Be aware.

Imminence. A return. A re-turn. A turn within.

Listening. Feeling. Feeling. Breathing.

No book. No teacher. No healer. No guide.

It is you. Not you identified. You mystified.

It is the you beyond lineage or history or bloodline or planetary origin.

It is that which originated you and originated all you see and don’t see, know and don’t know, that you meet within you. Rejoin your Self.

Not in a book. Not in a church, building, city, or congregation. Not at this or that mountain nor by this or that sea.

The Source of all life and consciousness lives in your breath, in your cells, in your dreams, in your love.

Speak. It is Creator speaking. Sing. It is Creator singing. Dance. It is Creator dancing.

As you.

And as the word, the song, the grace and rhythm.

Imminence. Return. Self. Source. Unity. Universe. All one.

Universe. Uni, one. Verse, from vertere. Turn.

One turn. Turned into one. Universe. All, turned into one.

Turned into one. Universe. We’ve been saying it all along!

Imminence. Here. Now.

It is here, now. It’s you, here, now.

It’s within you. All power and possibility is within you, seeking expression as you.The kingdom of heaven is within you. Christ is in you. Atman is in you. Buddha is in you. And if all be one then where is in and where is out? Where is within, and where is without?

Where is the beginning, where is the end, if all is one?

All of life comes together in you.

Imminence. Return. Return to listening, to feeling, to here, to now.

Ask within. Seek within. Knock within.

Inquire within.

Imagine within. Meet within. Unify within. Inspire within.

Imminence. Re-turn. Turn within. Finger to the earth.


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