Pieces Coming Together

The physical challenges that come with not having conventional shelter can be taxing. That’s why I’m grateful for the Shasta Public Library and the 24-hour gym I joined a month ago. I’m able to use the library as a virtual office where I can print, scan, copy, and make calls (in the private study rooms) and the gym is where I experience my body and water – sweating, drinking, cleansing. Now, after having found some part-time work at nights I’ve been putting pieces back together to enable my next move.

I plan on relocating to the Oregon Coast within the next couple weeks. Then I’ll be in the boys’ lives consistently and provide relief to Caroline who I’m sure wants some alone-time. I imagine being with the boys and I get a head-rush of excitement. I know I’m being biased here, however, our sons are so incredibly beautiful and blessed in every way. I’m looking forward to being present and playing and laughing and wondering and inquiring and learning and discovering and growing together.

I had a great meeting on Wednesday, 10/12/16 at the Shasta Business Development Center (SBDC) with one of their business consultants, a gentleman who specializes in getting financing and teaches workshops at SBDC. This non-profit offers, among a host of offerings, 5 hours of cost-free consultation to help anyone who wants to start a business. It’s an awesome resource here in Northern California and there is a BDC on the Oregon Coast which I will be connect with when I arrive there in the coming weeks.

I discussed my t-shirts and gave an elevator pitch which I made up on the spot and he was blown away. Then I showed him the website I’m creating and he absolutely loved it. He gave me his personal cell number and wants me to keep in touch as I told him I’d be leaving soon for Oregon. He gave me some good ideas, steps to take to build my business. He said he could see this taking off and getting really big once the pieces are in place. He insisted I trademark immediately, if possible.

Then I showed him my Business Funding Express (BFE) website and was enamored with the look of the site (which I created, by the way) and found value in what I offer small businesses. He bookmarked BFE for the possibility of using it as a funding resource that SBDC could call upon for local businesses turned down by banks. That was a welcome surprise to have made that unexpected connection.

Next Monday, 10/17/16, I’ll be meeting with a consultant at SBDC who specializes in internet marketing. I’m looking forward to that meeting as we’ll go over that crucial marketing piece that can make even low-grade products highly profitable and without which great products never catch on with the market.

I’ve started scouting work on the Oregon Coast and I’ve gotten a quote from a t-shirt screen printer on the coast and it was very close to the best quote I got in Redding. I don’t see or feel the Oregon Coast as a permanent home in general. I still have my eye toward something tropical, ultimately. Costa Rica. Ecuador. Puerto Rico.

For now though, the mission of the day is to clarify my vision of what I desire and align it with the innermost vision for my life; to continue to grow present to my light and shadow honestly and patiently; to continue rejoining my family in degrees, with sensitivity and understanding that the past is forgiven and forgotten and that in the moment I and we are free.

I will return to writing about the Mission in the next posts-to-come. I don’t eat there as much as I used to but I wanted to record some of my twilight thoughts about it and the people there. It’s been quite a journey, and still is, and I look forward to contributing in other ways to the continued existence and success of the Good News Mission.

I’m thankful for the possibilities.


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