Resurrecting A Dream

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post here on Healing Voyage. I can’t say a whole lot has happened and yet a whole lot has happened.

I started a part-time job about 2 weeks ago working at night conducting political surveys by phone. If you’ve been called to do one of these surveys and maybe even felt harassed by numerous calls for surveys then there is a way-far-out chance in this universe that you and I could have talked briefly (a random thought, I know, but a pretty cool one…).

Call center jobs are the factory jobs of the ‘Information Age’ (actually, every age is replete with information, both known and missing, so our labeling our window of time, as if there is something unique about us vs. past generations, is meaningless). We assemble data parts to manufacture facts. Seriously, think about that. We tend to treat facts as truth. Facts are manuFACTured, as is consensus. It’s all production, collective theater.

I still prospect for Business Funding Express but it’s been slow. Small business owners are operating under tremendous stress. Not enough revenue, customers don’t buy like they used to, bills keep piling up. I’ve spoken to business owners who were shelter-less even while running a business. One slept in the woods in a tent. Another slept in the back of her store. I had not told them of my current circumstances of sleeping in my car. I don’t want to take the chance of losing business or prospects. I am selective in my sharing.

Other merchants are behind on rent and are resorting to applying for jobs locally. It’s tough for them and I feel their pain. That’s why it’s become a challenge for me to push what I sell (texting service thru Sentext Solutions; business funding – SBA and non-SBA loans; and credit card processing). Merchants are hurting; consumers are hurting; and the markets where both meet are suffering because of it. A restaurant owner recently applied for a $50,000 business loan thru me and was turned down for the $50,000 but was approved for $15,000. It was not enough so the deal fell through. I was looking forward to him getting the money he needed to move his restaurant and a nice chunk of money for me.

I still work on Business Funding Express; I have my part-time job (which I got so that I could send money to my family every 2 weeks); and I’ve re-dedicated myself to bringing Thoughtwear Global to market.

However, I feel I’ve grown tired selling other people’s products and dreams. I can be really good at sales or I can totally suck at it. I’ve always felt an unidentifiable disconnect with sales, and now I’ve identified the cause of this feeling.

I want to sell my own product, my own dream, my own Self, and as long as I am selling what others make I cannot be fully vested in the work no matter how promising or lucrative it may be. I realize I’ve got to sell what I create, whether it’s my writing or whatever.

We all have a dream. We all have a message, a meaning, a mission. We all have something unique to offer the world. If you ever had a dream for your life – what to do, to be, to become – and that dream has been buried under years of neglect, fear, excuses, and avoidance, then you must resurrect your dream, because when you bring your dream back to life YOU come back to life. And when YOU are alive, I AM  alive!

If you are not acting on your dream at the moment, if you have been going through the motions of living but never being truly alive, then I have a Turkish proverb for you:

No matter how far down you have gone on a wrong road, turn back.

Thoughtwear Global is my beautiful dream (along with my children, my writing, and Humanity transformed) and since living in my car it has been on my mind every day, whispering encouragement and inspiration at times and screaming for liberation and expression at others. People still comment when I wear one of my t-shirts and ask where they could buy one. These t-shirts are real conversation starters!

Thoughtwear Global is t-shirts but at its heart it’s not about fashion at all –

Thoughtwear Global is really a publishing company publishing ideas and messages to inspire, empower, and provoke.

Thoughtwear Global is a dream I’ve resurrected from the tomb of fear and indecision. It’s a dream I share with you because I’m tired of hiding from you and from my Self; tired of running from fear and from the past but not running toward a vision in the here and now; tired of promoting the products, dreams, and messages of others when my own hide within me screaming for liberation and full expression; tired of always starting something and never finishing; tired of wishing and not doing; tired of lying to you and to my Self that I’m just fine when, really, I don’t feel that way; tired of disappointing my family – Caroline, Solomon, Salvador….my parents… brother, Dennis… nephews… friends…..they all have expected more of me than I have of my own self.

So I am doing this for them, for you, for me, for all of us.

I’m going to reach out right here, right now.

(Funny, I had no idea what I was going to write today when I sat down to write this post….I just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t feel like writing, didn’t think I had anything to say. But I sat down in front of my laptop here in the Anderson Library and just started typing. And to see this is what is coming out in this post is to realize that we don’t have to know the next step to get where our dream will take us – all we have to do is show up, even if it’s not clear to us in the moment what that means or what that looks and feels like. Show up in the only way you know how and take the action that occurs to you to take and the Universe/Life/Creator/your soul/your spirit/your guide [all one and the same, by the way] will engage you with blessings, clarity, and understanding).

I am ratcheting up my activity as it relates to Thoughtwear Global.

So far, I have –

  • registered my business with Shasta County, CA (this will be changing in the future to another state….Oregon, most likely, as I want to be with my family)
  • opened a business account with Wells Fargo
  • started building a website on Wix (this will most likely change to another platform when I switch to an e-commerce site but I just want to re-build the web presence)
  • met with a San Francisco trademark attorney
  • gotten quotes from 5 local screen printers for the lowest per-unit cost of printing.
  • sought feedback from a few individuals on the website I’m building (all positive so far)

And here’s what I seek and ask for:

  • $474 to trademark the name, Thoughtwear Global, thru ($275 government filing fee; $199 fee).
  • $2575 to trademark the IMAGE portion of the Thoughtwear Global logo ($1500 to the S.F. attorney; $800 for the initial online legal research by Thomas Reuters Westlaw (MUCH-NEEDED!!!); $275 for the government filing fee). Trademarking an IMAGE is more complicated and challenging and the costs are justified (if you know of a competent trademark attorney in California who charges less than $1500, PLEASE LET ME KNOW).
  • An awesome e-commerce site designer (but maybe not, if the Wix site works out well).
  • A creative artist (for those shirts that will carry an image – most will not, I think).
  • A financial business partner with business acumen who shares a vision and desire to elevate consciousness on Earth.

My IMMEDIATE need is the $474 so I can legally protect the name, Thoughtwear Global. I must do this before seeking to do a crowdfunding project (Kickstarter, Indiegogo), and before selling any shirts online.

THEN I must trademark the image portion of the logo (a circular-shaped butterfly representing the transformation of consciousness on Earth).

A trademark submission takes about 6 months to be completed by the USPTO. Once filed though, I don’t have to wait the 6 months to start doing business – I can begin immediately with a measure of protection already in place.

I will find a way to learn how to screen-print shirts myself…..I will seek a job with a screen printer BUT I’m willing to learn without pay, too. Any ideas? I’ve reached out to a couple of local printers but no results yet.

I will raise $25,000 in the next 30 days to build a good stock of shirts and launch Thoughtwear Global and give it the start and life it deserves.

I will build Thoughtwear Global into a thriving business to leave to my sons, Solomon and Salvador, so that they can continue to carry out the work to elevate consciousness through Thoughtwear Global (as well as through their own individual work and expression).

Thoughtwear Global stands as a monument to what is possible when we pursue a dream regardless of circumstances and challenges.



























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