Flowing As Metaphor & Mystery

When our seeing opens, expands, clarifies, then the mystery and metaphor become the points of contact with reality.

So a river becomes a serpent, an ancient sage, or a tide of memory. The flutter of a hummingbird’s wings becomes the voice of the Eternal. The words spoken by a vagrant become a revelation as sacred and worthy of record as the words of great prophets. Reality is no longer framed and boxed by what we know; we enliven and liberate it as metaphor, as mystery.

The great mystery for our time is that of our being – how will we define it? Do we frame it within a known duality like creation versus evolution, faith versus science? Or do we choose the possibility of mystery and thus open ourselves to all possibilities? Is it possible that we don’t know anything regarding our nature and origin, that we might not have the right account of the true events, and that each variant idea about our being and origin is our groping myopically, even blindly, at different points on the same body?

Even the word origin changes in meaning once we see that the originating event is still happening at present and did not occur in some distant past. Moreover, we are expressions, along with all things we see and don’t see, of this still-happening event and of the originating, creative Power being expressed in this event, through this event, as this event.

Think of it as an explosion of fire or of wood. The explosion and the scattering of sparks or splinters are the same event. They are not two events, unless you see them as two events and create definitions and devise ways of measuring them as distinct and separate. Science and Religion do this. Both frame reality in ways that distinguish, separate, and define reductively. The waters dry up, the flow ceases when seeing is approached this way for it denies the flux and flexibility afforded by mystery, metaphor, and myth.

By extension, the one event of the explosion of fire or of wood and the scattering of their sparks and splinters are preceded and followed by events, conditions and dynamics that are all expressions, points and possibilities of one grand event. All things and events are one continuous thing and event.

Shifted and expanded beyond the observable and measurable, seeing adjusts to a worthy consideration of the possibility that the explosion of life and the scattering of all of it’s infinite sparks are the expressions that you and I are and that all are, seen and unseen, known and unknown. Seeing thus, we gain access through insight into worlds hidden from our previous sight wherein we and all things were solely separate entities for whom the world and the universe were out there – separate, apart, and, ultimately, against me, the solitary I.

Through shifted seeing, the explosion and the spark, the creation and the expression are one and the same event, are the same thing. We discover that we are one with the world within us and with the world around us and we declare it and become so, consciously; we discover that the world within us is the world around us; and we become consciously one with the universe and the Originating, Expressing Power of all things and possibilities seen and unseen, known and unknown.

As one with all things I become the One, you become the One, we become the One, they become the One. The universe is no longer out there for we are the universe. And it and we are no longer separate, we’re united; no longer apart, we’re together; no longer the solitary I, we become the One self-replicating as I and you and we and them and it, as all.

Same event, still happening….in us, through us, as us.

The literal, 3D view of reality seems flat, limiting, boxy; the metaphor hides the mystical, mythical, mysterious. The literal delivers the message; the metaphor declares the meaning. The literal is the box; the metaphor is the space within the box, around the box, as the box. The literal we describe; the metaphor and the mystery we declare.

Metaphor is the language of the sacred mystery and evolving myth that we are, declaring possibilities that build upon our seeing and expand our knowing. We supply the power and possibility to our seeing by declaring the mystery and metaphor from our being – creative being, expressive being, declarative being.

Thus, a field of trees becomes a gathering of sages. A falling leaf becomes a parable of life and death perceived solely within finite time. The cacophony of a thousand different birds becomes a chorus of songs sung by one voice. And all things and events become the living waters and ceaseless flow of one river of life.

See it, declare it, and it becomes so

I write as one who seeks being conscious unity with the flow, as the flow.


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