Activity Update

Despite all kinds of challenges presented by my current circumstances there’s still work to be done. I stay busy prospecting for new clients for Business Funding Express, setting up for a re-launch of my t-shirts, writing, and helping others at the Mission in small ways. I’ve also begun applying for night jobs so I can keep my days open and available for the other things.

It’s not easy, but it’s not difficult either. It’s just stuff that must get done.

I have a meeting today, Wednesday, September 14th with a trademark attorney from San Francisco who also serves the North State. We will discuss trademarking my logo for my t-shirts: what’s involved, timeline, cost in dollars, etc. I’m creating a crowdfunding project to fund my t-shirt startup and want to have legal protection before doing so. I also will be creating new designs and have an arrangement with a tshirt printer for early samples that will prominently feature the logo as the logo has been garnering some desirable attention lately.

I believe in my t-shirts; I believe they have the potential to do very well, both in the market and in the mind. They are intended to inspire, empower, and provoke and judging by the strong reactions from strangers whenever I wear them out on the streets – even here in conservative Redding! – I can see that they would have a great impact and develop a significant following of passionate, loyal customers.

Besides, this is the kind of gamble I must take. To gamble on myself in spite of fear and uncertainty is to experience my known self as an expression of creative power and possibility. And now that I’ve hit bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up.

So I will trademark the logo (and name?) now because I will seek to raise funds on Kickstarter or Indiegogo (is there another site that does the same thing as KS or IG but better?). I should have done this years ago but I was careless in my lack of planning. I was careless because I was intimidated by the idea of starting a business and yet I’ve had the desire to own my business for some years now. Don’t let fear stop you from realizing your power and your possibilities.

On the day job front, my self-employment selling services to merchants, I just picked up a new contract last week with a small, adult novelty store providing them with the texting service for business. I also got the green light from the educational park in Redding. The head of marketing emailed me to say they will be taking on the texting service I provide and I forwarded the contract to them to complete and sign. I’m also to circle back at the end of this week with the owner of an Italian restaurant who may want the texting service and might need a business loan. I’m thankful for what I have going even as I’d like to see more fruits emerge faster as a result of my efforts. If often takes numerous visits and follow-ups before getting the business and it’s easy to give up if I don’t maintain my vision of what I want.

I’m also applying to different jobs I can do at night. Jobs like security, research assistant, phone sales, phone interviewing, etc. I’ve submitted several applications but have heard nothing so far. I’ll be following up with those later this week.

I want to be a lot closer physically to my family on the Oregon Coast. Right now I am a six-hour drive from where they are. I plan on being in the same town or in a neighboring town on the Oregon Coast so I can see them every day. I’m weighing going there now and continuing my self-employment there and figuring out my living situation later. Not an easy decision with limited resources at the moment.

As for my writing, I’ve not been posting to Healing Voyage for about a week now. I’ve written stuff for myself, very personal and private, giving vent to stuff that would be too intense for my Healing Voyage readers.

Then, strangely, I found myself struggling to know what to write about for this current post. I took myself out of the flow I had going and I’m stretched as I seek to restore that flow with this post to update you on my activity. With all of the challenges, and opportunities, facing me each day and with each new insight gained, maintaining this blog has been an ideal outlet for me so consistency is central to my commitment to my growth and transformation….or whatever it is that one might call it…..because honestly, words are failing me more and more as I undergo my evolutionary shift and seek to frame the process in language and pictures that others can relate to as they build and shift reality for themselves. Mystery is its own world with subtle phrasings unique to each of us.

And that’s why I focus on the internal happenings and the mental and emotional setting within my soul as opposed to the physical and experiential details of my life. Sure, I can share with you a whole lot more of what I see, hear, do and experience but as I am always more drawn to the internal world of thought, intention, feeling, and imagination I tend to write from that place also. I may not always express the way it ‘comes to me’ but my attempts at doing so are my own way of discovering the fitting language and clarity of understanding.

And so you know, I really enjoy writing and posting to this blog and greatly enjoy you’re willingness to read and accompany me a bit as witnesses and supporters as I journey through this life. My ego enjoys the attention and the likes and that is not a bad thing. I appreciate you for your time and energy and it’s truly my hope and desire that you gain much from reading Healing Voyage.





































































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