The Crucifix Through Gnostic Eyes

I carry with me in the passenger seat of my car a crucifix. It’s made of brass, measures about 8 inches long by 4 inches wide, and rides with me at all times.

I keep it for 2 reasons:

  • to remind me to die to ego consciousness and not give it primacy over my will and allow Christ consciousness/spirit to live and express through me, as me
  • to scare off any potential thief who might consider breaking into my car

I used to keep this crucifix buried in a box with random stuff – papers, books, odd items. That’s because I associated the crucifix solely with image worship and thus found no value or meaning in it.

But then, when I delved further into the idea that Christ consciousness exists as a latent possibility of power within all of us, a spiritual seed waiting to be watered with our conscious awareness and alignment resulting in the resurrection of the Christ within from the tomb of our spiritual condition of  ignorance, blindness, and lameness, then I saw it, the crucifix, as a personal totem of consecration.

When I re-defined what the crucifix symbolized to me, no longer an event in a man’s life 2000 years ago but a calling today to be and to live as the way, the truth, and the life, as one willfully aligned with and fully expressed as the One, what I did was breathe life into that which was dead. Not my life did I breathe but the life that breathes in me, through me, as me.

Nothing has power unto itself except we give it power. Prayer is not powerful; we bring the power to it through faith and gratitude. Contemplation, or meditation, has no power; we bring the power to it through imminence. Ritual has no power; we bring the power to it through practice and alignment with the principles implied in the ritual. And it is possible to reach a point in our spiritual unfolding where we no longer need to pray because we become the prayer incarnate; no longer need to contemplate because we become the very object of our contemplation; no longer need ritual because we become its fulfillment.

Our agency in the spiritual life is not a passive one. We are not acted upon by the practice yet we are impacted by it. We are the active agent in our spiritual life, called upon, if we hear and respond, to enact and initiate the workings of law and principle not as one that follows them but as one that is the living expression of them.

This, I believe, is what we are called to be. I can quote scriptures and sages, but am I not the scripture and the sage? Am I not called to be conscious, awake and alive as a living, moving, breathing expression of Divine Consciousness? Am I not called to know even as I am known?

I believe I am and that you are and we are. This is not to say that I move forward with the utmost confidence and surety because I am still caught in the balance of polar energies on this planet – certainty and doubt, light and shadow, humility and hubris. This path from flesh to spirit-consciousness is not an easy one until we become spirit in flesh, through flesh, as flesh, the perfected union of Human will and Divine Consciousness. I am, at present, still subject to the ego and its shadows as I seek to be the living, breathing transmutation of shadow to light, of flesh to spirit, the perfected manifestation of the Holy One. This is evolution at work, the unfolding of mystery, the truth germinated in the dark bearing fruit in the light.

The crucifix, as symbol, as an illustration of myth and mystery, is meaningless to the one for whom it is meaningless. Likewise, it is powerful, or rather, empowered, by the one seeing it as an articulation of the hidden language of transformation of consciousness.

For me, the crucifix speaks because I give it voice; it reveals because I allow and receive; it mystifies because I am mystery in flesh. It is and will be for some time – or until I decide? – a calling to rise from the tomb of a consciousness entrapped in illusion to the life eternal no longer caught in cycles. The crucifix is much, much more than merely a Christian symbol; it is the whispered revelation of that consciousness that cannot be labelled or boxed in. Therefore, the crucifix is for all and any a calling, a mystery emanating from soul. A calling – no more, no less.











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