Inspired Activity

Earlier today I had an EXCELLENT meeting with the head of marketing at a local non-profit, educational, exploration park with live animal displays and shows. It attracts a couple hundred thousand visitors yearly and is a landmark in Redding located on the bank of the Sacramento River. My family enjoyed numerous visits to the park and our children love it.

The head of marketing will come on board as a client for the text marketing service I offer which is very exciting indeed. She is very excited to start working with me to strengthen their relationships with members and all customers alike as we work to strengthen their brand in Redding and beyond (thousands of visitors come from other states to visit this place).

After that business meeting I returned to the Mission. I was thinking of the movie The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith (I’ve been thinking A LOT about this movie lately) and I asked someone, a ‘homeless’ person (whatever the hell that means….I will be writing about the bullshit label ‘homeless’ in a later post) if they had seen it. They hadn’t.

The I looked around and noticed that many faces were down, looking depressed, dejected, and hopeless.

Inspiration! They need to feel inspired!

So I got the idea that if they could watch that movie here at the Mission that it could lift some spirits and inspire some to take actions to dream again or to resurrect their dreams.

So I approached the woman who helps run services. She said I had to speak to the pastor about it.

I went to his door and knocked. He said ‘come in’ and so I did.

Thirty minutes later, after having to persuade him that this could help, he agreed to allow me to show the movie (I have the dvd in my car) this Friday from 2:30 to 4:30pm AND TO GIVE A TALK!


I’ve declared, in prayer, and made a deal with Creator that with Creator’s blessing I will prosper in my current business venture (Business Funding Express…..which is really my ‘day job’….I don’t want a 9-5 job with wages…..I want to ‘be my own boss’) and prosper in my mission/ministry through writing, speaking, AND Thoughtwear Global (which is going to be a global brand that makes clothing for a better world).

In turn, I vow to support the Mission (which has been such a blessing to me and so many others) and create/support other projects seeking to transform our world.

So this Friday, August 27th, I will share this film and some words and open discussion among the people and Humans there about what is possible in their lives in spite of their circumstances when they have VISION and PURPOSE and open the heart to LOVE and the mind to POSSIBILITIES.

After the meeting Thunderheart and I drove Steve (see previous post titled Steve) to an RV resort place so he could apply for residence there. He’s been waiting to do this for months and wasn’t able to because no one would drive him out there. We drove him, he applied, turns out there’s no waiting list but no openings yet and Steve has hope, REAL HOPE, now of getting out the Mission into his own home.

Right now I am preparing to attend a workshop from 5:30-7:00pm by the Shasta Business Development Council. The workshop is titled How To Start Your Own Business and will be headed by a consultant and local business owner. It’s free and I’m excited as it will put me in touch with business leaders and resources.

Folks, circumstances are only that – circumstances. They don’t define me and they don’t define you.

Difficulties and challenges are merely opportunities turned inside out.

I am thankful and tremendously blessed. Adversity has humbled me, is correcting me, will build me, and the blessings to follow are in fact already here within and all around me.

Let us pray, let us envision, let us contemplate, let us reflect, let us understand…..and let’s take the actions and the steps to realize a new us, a new world, and to experience ourselves as beings of possibility and power.

And to my beautiful sons, Solomon and Salvador, I love you both with all my being and Daddy is blessed because of you both. I will leave you with a legacy that will serve as a reminder for the rest of your lives that you can do anything you set your mind and heart to do for you, and we all, are Creator in expression as us.










































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