Monkey Chant For Monkey Year: Can We Unite?

I just discovered this 2 days ago as a clip in a montage. It blew me away this tsunami of sound and rhythm.

I had no idea what it was until I found out this morning by searching.

It is the Monkey Chant as practiced in Bali in a meditative dance ritual known as Kecak.

In the seconds that it played I went from being immediately drawn and enchanted by the rhythm, to confusion, and then to complete present-mindedness, anchored and rooted only in NOW.

I shared it with my family and my son, Solomon, said it sounded like monkeys. I had not told him anything about the chant or the video and in his present-mindedness, without prejudice or preconception, he knew.

It is no coincidence, of course, that I discovered this chant ‘by accident’ at the very point of the arrival of the Year of the Monkey in its cosmic turn. It seems monkeys just know….without knowing.

And that is all of us – we are knowing remembering knowing.

In this video I see demonstrated what is possible when we come into Unity Consciousness, when we are one with the ONE, with One Another, with ALL.

I am there…in Spirit. I am not there…in ego.

I am there…in Unity. I am not there…in duality.

I am that. And I am that, too.

And I am the choosing between the two.

The Human souls I see express the Divine Spirit I do not see. Thus, I hear, I feel, I know, and I see….Unity.

Like the school of fish, numbering in the hundreds, who turn all at once as if guided but a hidden control.

Or the flock of starlings, numbering in the thousands, who turn and dive and ascend in perfect Unity pulled by one string.

Or the herd of a thousand buffaloes who thunder across the plains as one roaring body driven by one heart.

Or the pair of lovers and parents who join in one journey of growth united by the same mind, the same intention.

Underneath the details seen by the eyes, below the appearance of facts perceived by the mind, unheard in the numerous expressions,  hidden within the numbers is ONE –

One Seeing, One Hearing, One Mind, One Spirit, One Heart, One Body, One Life.

I choose to stand in this space of ONE…in this Unity within ALL.

I may fall, you may fall, we may fall….and the Power of One blesses us to stand up and fly again.

I may fail, you may fail, we may fail…and the Power of One blesses us to recover, restore, and receive.

I may offend, you may offend, we may offend…and the Power of One blesses us to forgive, forgo, and forget.

I am ego, you are ego, we are ego…and the Power of One blesses us to accept, rejoin, and rejoice.

I am Spirit, you are Spirit, we are Spirit…and the Power of One blesses us to embody, express, and inspire.

I believe with my entire Being that –

we have the Power to transform our lives, our relationships, and our world in ONE MOMENT, thru a ONE CHOOSING TO SHIFT INTO NOW, TO SHIFT INTO UNITY.

I believe we can FLOW CONSCIOUSLY AS ONE – as One chant, One rhythm, One heartbeat, One Love, One Life, One Family – thereby giving expression to the hidden ONE IN ALL.

I believe that, like the monkeys, like the fish, like the birds, like the winds and the lands and the waters and the stars, like these Balinese monks and like the CHILDREN….that we can consciously BE AS ONE, SEE AS ONE, FLOW AS ONE.

One choice, one shift, one moment is all it takes.

Let’s do this.



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