The Power of a Shift – Wisdom thru Salvador

I was home alone with my sons, Solomon and Salvador. Salvador, the younger at 2 years, got into a fit because he wanted something now, like now… like right now or else. His desire was clear. He wanted me to play with him right at that moment.

The only thing was, I was in the middle of doing something else and wanted very badly to get right back to it. My desire was clear. I didn’t want to play with my son at that moment. I wanted to get back to something I thought was of greater importance to me.

In that moment, there was no agreement, no unity of intention between Salvador and me, between father and son, and, on levels other than what we identify with and operate under consciously, between brother and brother, sister and sister, mother and daughter, one and one, none and none.

Salvador persisted in his demand for my time as I hardened my resistance to giving any. Within just a matter of about 10 or 15 seconds he dialed up his Intensity and volume tick by tick. Our impasse shot to impact as he cried and screamed now. My soul felt his outburst like a thunder-clap and my insides cracked like glass. How do I get him to stop crying?? I thought.

In the very nano-second that followed a lucid flash of awareness overcame me and I entered a clear space within the wall of resistance that divided us. A quit clarity came over me and instantly I chose to stop wanting to get back to what I was doing. I made the conscious decision to be with Salvador, to not insist on returning to my task and thus remain in that space of thinking, feeling, and saying ‘no’ to his request.

And when I did shift my intention, when I simply chose to remain with him and play with him before even saying that I would be, he stopped crying. It wasn’t just that he stopped crying when I shifted my intention; it was that he stopped crying in response to my shift. I could feel this call and response, if you will, could feel the confirmation and understanding that accompanies all effective communication between humans.

You know when you know something. You know when it’s more than a mere feeling, coincidence, or luck or timing.

I knew, I just somehow knew that this was an exchange of intention between me and my son. He felt my resistance after I felt his demand and our communication reflected that. Then, he felt my shift from resistance to agreement – that is, submission, alignment and harmony – and he shifted immediately into a calm state.

Then a harmonious silence ensued and we stood looking at one another, smiling. In fact, Salvador went back to playing without paying me any mind and I was free to return to my task.

This was a revelation to me of what is possible when intentions agree, align and harmonize, carving into my soul a record of how things become possible between humans through a shift, when necessary, of a thought, an intention.

There are layers of discovery embedded in our experiences waiting for and wanting our notice, desiring more for us and our growth if we would only open to the idea that there are always other possibilities other than what we know or insist is true and real and with these possibilities invitations are extended to us to shift our desires, our perspectives, our intentions and play in alternate spaces of existence.

Salvador and Solomon are my teachers and only because I allow them to be for me. And I learn so much from them. Anything and anyone can be our teacher if we allow them their place and give our ourselves permission to learn from all things and people. Every experience carries hidden wisdom waiting to be discovered. Through acceptance and allowance, discoveries of our deeper wisdom and the meanings of things like grace, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, humility, harmony and unity are only a shift away.




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