Are You The Wake? Or Will You Be The Ship?



Most of us live our lives defined by a past that no longer exists. We allow a non-existent past define our present reality and rob us of our future possibilities. The past may inform us, if we choose. Beyond that, however….

To illustrate, observe a ship as it moves through the waters. Observe the wake, the track of waves left behind the ship as it continues on its course. Observe the waves left behind the ship – how they are immediately distinct and prominent, only to merge again with the waters and disappear completely.

Now ask this question – does the wake determine the ship’s direction or the ship’s speed?

The answer is an obvious ‘no’, right? Of course it is.

Yet, this is how I had been living for all of my life….until now.

I had been living (or was it dying??) a life that was defined, framed, molded, and determined by a past that no longer existed but that I carried in memory. A past of selected recollections that I had turned into the prevailing narrative of my life which then became the driving force of my fears, disillusion, futility, and failure.

The memories of the past are at first, like the wake, distinct and prominent. However, with the passing of time the memories fade and disappear from our view altogether as we continue forward in life, merging again into the vast ocean of universal consciousness….unless, of course, we choose to hold on to the memories, giving them a life that they can only borrow, not sustain.

And because I had been living through my past I was blinded to my present. I blinded myself to the blessings, possibilities, and opportunities that abounded everywhere around me and within me. I lived as a prisoner and product of the past; not as the principle and power of the present.

How can anyone move forward while looking backward? Can you drive your car and reach your destination while looking only in the rear view mirror? Do this and the outcome can only be a tragic one.

Yes, the past can inform you, but focus on it and it will deform you.

The past may have wisdom to offer, but let us remember, let us always remind ourselves, that we are expressions of eternal wisdom. And as the living embodiment of eternal wisdom and infinite possibilities we carry – no, WE ARE! – the power and possibility to do and to be according to our choosing.

We can study history…or we can make history.

We can look for precedents from yesterday; or we can declare and create a new precedent today.

We can look to the past to inform us of what is possible; or we can engage the present and declare what is possible.

We can use language to describe and cement what already is; or we can use the power of word and action to declare and create what will be.

The ship is steered with a view to its destination; it is not directed by the wake left behind it.

So, the question remains for each one of us –

Are we choosing to be and to live as the wake of our past?

Or will we choose to be and to live as the ship of our destiny?

Declare yourself. Direct yourself. Empower yourself.









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