Don’t ever worry yourself about falling or failing.

Don’t worry, because it’s going to happen – you’re going to fall if you want to walk and fly. You’re going to fail if you want to succeed.

And you’re going to die if you want to live!

There’s no way around the challenge – that’s the coward’s path.

You’ve got to bust through it, you must persist, you must persevere.

There’s no way around the issue – that’s the coward’s path.

You’ve got to deal with it and work your way through it (how else will you come to understanding?)

There’s no escape from, there’s no way around the ‘problem’ – that’s the coward’s path.

You’ve got to confront it head on and turn the very ‘problem’ itself into the answer that lies therein.

Will you fall in the process? Yes, no doubt.

Will you fail in the process? Depends on how you look at it, first. And even when you do fail  (if you see it that way) all you’ve done is taken another step toward the realization of your desire, your dream, your goal…as long as you persist…as long as you persevere.

Back in the ‘hood, back in the beautiful South Bronx, the place I chose to be born in when I decided to come to this planet for this lifetime, I remember a word that was used a lot (I don’t know if it’s still in use today) – that word is bounce.


Let’s bounce. (let’s go)

Bounce! (go away! get out!)

Bounce – to bounce is to bound, to leap, to rebound.

When I think of this word I think of a ball…as in a game…as in life…because life is a game.

Life is a game of your choosing where you have a choice to follow the rules, make the rules, bend the rules, or even break the rules.

You can play the game to win…or you can play the game to lose.

You can play big…or you can play small.

You can be a player in the game…or you can get played.

You can be on the court…and play…or you can sit on the sidelines…and watch.

Me personally, I’m tired, and bored, standing on the sidelines of life.

I’m putting on my uniform…it’s wrinkled, it’s worn, it has some holes in it, and it fits a bit too tightly from the weight gain. I say – so what!

I’m getting back on the court…I’m here to play…I’m a player!

And I know you are too!

You didn’t come to this beautiful Earth just to stand on the sidelines and watch the game of life played out like a tv show – you came to Earth to play the game!

You didn’t come to Earth to watch it burn – you came to set it on fire!

You didn’t come to Earth to take part – you came to take over!

You didn’t come to Earth to fall – you came to fly!

You came to bounce!

So let’s bounce!




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