A Powerful Dream With Turtle

Photo Credit: Joe Crowley/www.onatrionature.org

Photo Credit: Joe Crowley/www.onatrionature.org

Dreamed last night I was in a dark room with very little to no light….enough for me to see the shadowy form of a large turtle. It crawled around the room and even up the walls with surprising speed, snapping its jaws as it went along even though it had paddles like a sea turtle, not feet like a land snapping turtle. Then it came after me, snapping, snapping.

I managed to get a hold of it by the side edges of its shell as it snapped viciously at me, coming within mere inches of my face. It was large, about 18″ across its width. It was very aggressive. I was in fear but I reacted quickly to its attacks to avoid injury.

I awoke this morning, wrote it in my dream journal, and looked up turtle in ‘Animal Speak’ by Ted Andrews. It has proven to be a valuable resource for me in my journey.

Here’s some of what I read:

‘Turtle is the symbol of the PRIMAL MOTHER.’

‘Turtle totems hold the mystery of awakening the senses – on both physical and spiritual levels.’

‘A snapping turtle may indicate the ability to use the mouth and all associated with it (voice, sound, digestion) in new ways.’

‘The water is the great creative source that we can draw on and live in, but we also have to come out of it and apply that creativity within the physical world – on land.’

‘…it is a reminder to use YOUR OWN HEAD AND KNOWLEDGE TO RIGHT YOURSELF when your world gets topsy turvy.’ (CAPS are mine)

‘If turtle has shown up in your life, IT IS TIME TO GET CONNECTED TO YOUR MOST PRIMAL ESSENCE.’ (CAPS are mine)

Here’s my point: Get connected with your Self. Not some spirit with some name (St. Germaine, Abraham, Illuminatus, etc, etc.) but WITH YOUR OWN SPIRIT-SELF which knows YOU better than tricky ghosts with one message for all.

There is no one message for all. Each one of us carries our own individuated truth, our own individuated message that is for us alone…..and then there is that which is meant to be shared in order to show others that their truth lies within, in the dark where the true light hides.

Return to Mother. Don’t be afraid of the dark. Beware of false light. Discern your own way, your own path, your own light. Follow that.

This is the gnosis.

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