The Calling Of Our Time

The Calling

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It’s evident – isn’t it?? – that one man elected President of the U.S. has absolutely no power to change this country.

Well-meaning people voted for Obama actually believing that his election would lead to meaningful ‘change’, inspired no doubt by his soaring but empty rhetoric and clever catch-phrases. Many now see him for what he is not – meaningful and impacting. Of course, he will always have his defenders….and his detractors….with both sides reading from this script of ineptitude and playing their roles dutifully.

You have those on the ‘other side’ of the political fence believing that Romney would have made a better President, or that Bush was a good President, or that some Republican candidate, armed with policies of ineffectiveness polished with shiny conservative rhetoric to mislead the loyal minions, will be the one to make it all right.

To think, to believe, at this point in time, after having witnessed, learned of, and experienced the pendulum swing of political puppeteering and pandering for decades and decades, that from somewhere in their respective political corner will come a savior who somehow in some way will finally get this country together is……ineffective and unintelligent, I’m not sorry to say.

Your head is up your ass, and what you smell is not the smell of success or hope or change or prosperity, no matter how it’s spun by those who think themselves smarter than you and exclusively qualified to lead and govern you. It’s shit you smell. Not bullshit, which is always ‘someone else’s’, but it’s your own shit you smell which your leaders ascribe to the ‘other side’ to keep you thinking yours doesn’t stink.

Hillary has nothing to offer. Bernie Sanders has nothing to offer. Jeb, Rand, Trump, Christie, Carson, Biden, Fiorina, O’Malley, or Congress……not a single one will make the difference that truly makes a difference in your life.

Only you have that, only you can.

But if you, we, continue to fall prey to the dividing lines of ego-consciousness, always blaming someone else, never taking personal responsibility, never holding ourselves personally accountable, never having a vision of life and living that is born WITHIN, how are we ever going to realize anything worthwhile for ALL???

And what is the vision of the ego?? First, it’s born from without, mechanically, by identifying with some feature of self that is not intrinsic to our eternal Self/Spirit and making THAT ONE FEATURE the platform of our identity and operation. Hence, the ego wants only comfort, security, entitlement and rights conferred in accordance with our (ego) identity-feature (fill in the blank here – rights as a black, white, brown, immigrant, citizen, muslim, christian, jew, gay, straight, trans, man, woman, this or that, and on and on….).

And this constantly shifting dynamic is the easiest thing to manipulate by simply turning dials and pulling levers so that the unified consciousness is fractured into a million scattered points of light.

How can we seek to change human civilization without transforming human nature, or at the very least, engaging in meaningful dialogue (accompanied by meditation, prayer, and fasting) about human nature???

It’s not enough to join or belong to parties, groups or movements; it’s not enough to quote whatever sacred scriptures from whatever religion and epoch; it’s not enough to look to ‘leaders’ or institutions of ANY kind – whether political, religious, economic, or educational; it’s not enough to vote, to worship, to write, to read; advancing technology, information, knowledge, and wealth are not enough; for all these things and more have been bred and shaped within a paradigm, especially in the West, that seeks the primacy of the ego and has no regard for anything by which it cannot profit.

However, there is a hidden path that leads to a secret door that opens to unprecedented possibilities. And there are as many paths, doors, and possibilities as there are Humans on this planet.

Forget ‘coming together as one’….it won’t happen in an ego-centered paradigm.

Let’s go within, like the mystics; let’s listen to the Earth, like the Indigenous Humans of Earth; let’s express the highest and deepest spiritual visions and express our Divinity unbound by dogma, creed, mandates, and dictates.

The specifics of what is called for lie within your very own Soul, and when we go within we will all meet at the center, at the genesis of our Being.

So then, I ask you, what is YOUR vision?

The answers lie within.

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