Seeds In The Soul: A Lesson Learned In The Desert


Photo Credit: Sariyd @ Healing Voyage

I live in the high desert in Northern California where vast expanses of sands are populated with pines, junipers,  sage brush, and silvery lupine. There are the manzanitas whose smooth, twisting wine-colored trunks appear to rise up from the ground like arthritic serpents. Not a whole lot of rain falls in these parts, but enough for some growth.

There is no grass in the high desert and what lawns you see here in this dry stretch look artificially green and out of place, contrived productions steeped in suburban nostalgia. Modernity, with its intrusions, never seems far away.

Lately, though, I’ve been seeing grass sprouting from the sands. Lots of grass. We’ve gotten a good bit of rain in recent weeks and the grassy greens stand in witness to those waters.

The grasses testify to the life lying hidden beneath my seeing. The life is within, dormant, unobtrusive, even in these sands that do not hold enough water for grass to remain. The seed of life remains, I thought as I wondered at the sight of grass prospering here, even though the moisture needed for its growth is largely absent. The potential for life remains, intact and undiminished.

What a powerful metaphor for the life and potentiality within humans. Invisible and intact, the life-force seeps into our dreams and desires, probing, prodding, pushing and pulling, for the catalyzing spark that awakens the soul to feel and realize its full expression. And along this unfolding path of self-realization are innumerable lessons, insights, and facets of wisdom awaiting our discovery to glean their fruits.

Are you seeking fulfillment?
Is your soul restless?
Do you feel you are meant for more than what you are currently living out in your life?
Are you seeking within or without for meaning, healing, and truth?

Are you watering your soul with silence so you can listen and hear the revelations meant for you?
With knowledge of your Self so you can grow in alignment with it?
With experiences so you can know your Self in action, through action?
With personal-growth-practices so you can expand and serve others?

We can be really hard on ourselves, internalizing the voices of judgment that fill the ethers of modernity and the modernized mind. We think we’re too much of this or too little of that to live the life we envision for ourselves. These are the sands that hold no water – a mind full of memories and recordings of the voices of naysayers, bullies, abusers, and critics.

To have an impact on others and to make a difference that really makes a difference in this world does not even enter our thinking as we engross ourselves in the reasons why we don’t function as we think we should and why nothing will work for us. The soul withers into a dry desert devoid of the vibrant living that invigorates and empowers. This soul is neither invigorated nor empowered. It lives out its daily, unexamined existence like a dry rehearsal for death.

When living becomes dying, can there be any life?

Yes, there is. More than life, though, there is the evidence given by the grasses growing in the desert that life, power, and possibilities not only are present, but waiting to explode and breach the surface of the life of the unseeing soul.

And the flourishing pines, junipers, and silvery lupines are evidence, too, aren’t they? I didn’t have to wait to see newly-sprung grasses to know that the dry desert sands hold more potential for life. The pines speak to this, as do the junipers and sage.

The same holds true for the dried up soul – there is already proof that the creative, invigorating life-force is working in your life if you take time to look at it. And when you do look, look for the good and the blessings with compassion and gratitude as these will expand your seeing and deepen your insights. You will see signs that life is already flourishing in you and through you. Seeing them will let you know there are seeds of new life and new living gestating within you, waiting to be born.

Water the living seed in the soul, Beloved.


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