Love Is Not The Answer and There Is No Way To Peace


Photo Credit: Sariyd @ Healing Voyage


It recently became clear to my seeing that love, peace, joy, health, and whatever other myriad fruits of the spirit we might aspire to are nothing to aspire to.

So I stopped praying to be more loving, peaceful, patient, compassionate, or whatever other virtues and adornments of character I might crave.

For these are not things to crave or aspire to. They are to be practiced. They are to be picked up like hammer and chisel and compass by the Master Builder in me, in us – using our hands, our will, and our choosing – and put to work toward the building of a vision that sees itself within you, me, us.

They are tools – love, peace, joy, etc. They are technology. Spiritual technology. And there are many, many other tools.

As technology they are not the goal, they are the means. They are the means by which we access a higher expression of ourselves, and live in accord with our true nature and origin.

Each of us is an expression of infinite potential and intelligence and we bear that template within. It is represented as Christ, Buddha, Atman, and others,  according to cultural and philosophical filters.

And this is us, this is what we are.

Consequently, to experience ourselves as centers and channels of power and possibility, and to hold that idea as we pursue our work and our growth, is central to whatever goal, purpose, or mission we might undertake. The technology by which we can experience ourselves  is all around and within us, and the opportunities to put them to use are constant, endless. It’s a matter of choosing and doing.

And yes, we can redeem ourselves by choosing differently if we feel we’ve fallen off our path. Forgiving ourselves seems almost impossible for some of us. Go easy and flow easy as you work.

We are called to work, not to be; to take action, for we are already conceived. We are already born. We are already complete.

Let us journey within, with faith, imagination, and without astonishment, and we will see that we already are what we pray to be. And once we begin to understand, only then do we begin to see, the illumination of indivisibility.

What is left to do now is to get to work. Our experience of oneness awaits.

Love. Forgive. Ask forgiveness. Accept. Rejoin. Show up.



One response to “Love Is Not The Answer and There Is No Way To Peace

  1. This is powerful and liberating to look at love and the other technologies (“to pick up”) as tools. Love is a verb, not a thing, not a place to go or, as you say, a thing to aspire to, that is not in our control.


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