The Holy Books Are Still Being Written…It’s Your Life


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The drama of transformation, of transcendence, of good and evil, temperance and indulgence, the beginning and the end are being played out in the drama-scape of your life and consciousness.

The holy books are still being written and your life is the story.

You are the central figure in the story. You are the master, the devil in disguise, the sacrifice, the sage, the fool, and the savior.

How? Because Humanity is still evolving, still in need of inspiring embodiments of Divine love and potential, and still not fully aware of what it is, what it can do, and why it exists.  You are in position to fulfill the evolving, to embody and inspire, and to make aware by being aware.

This you do by the swing and sway of your choices. It is your account of choices made and not made, your intentions, and your impact on others that are weighed in the balance in the summary of your life.

It is your own conscience that will bear witness to your faithfulness, or faithlessness, to whatever declaration of faith or reason you professed. Your words, deeds, and intentions will be seared with the searching light of karmic scrutiny not to punish or reward but to evolve.

It’s a faithful accounting of all that is recorded in your mind (choices made, not made; your intentions) and in the cosmic records (your impact on others) that is for the purpose of determining the rate of return for and the advancement of your soul.

In other words, what did you put into this Earth-life, what did you get out of it, and where do we go next for our learning?

In the book, Conversations with the Children of Now, about children being born into this world with extraordinary spiritual gifts, sensibilities, and messages, an account was given of a sort of ‘final accounting’ of the lives of individuals to measure their progression and impact.

One fascinating detail was that each of us will be made to feel every single thing that we made others feel during our lives here on Earth.

Imagine that.

Imagine right now, in this moment, what that might be like.

Close your eyes. Go back in time to those moments, those memories that stand out immediately to you in which you REALLY made someone feel great, REALLY GREAT.

Imagine being that individual whom you made feel great. Feel what you imagine they might have felt.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now go to another memory. Go to a memory of a moment when you made someone feel REALLY, REALLY crappy.

Go there right now.

See the whole scene unfold. Relive it in memory.

Now imagine being the individual whom you made feel really crappy, really bad.

Feel what they felt….as much as you can imagine. Make it real to yourself.

This little exercise may not come close to what the actual experience may be as described in the book, if true at all (and in a universe of possibilities, all things are possible).

The point of the exercise is to realize that in terms of how you see yourself and relate to others, you have the grand opportunity, moment to moment, of standing in the place of friend or foe, savior or destroyer, angel or devil.

You stand in this place of possibility where you are the pivot point of all possibilities.

In other words, you are the central figure in the entire Human drama.

The growth, the healing, the salvation, and the potential of Humanity all rests on your shoulders because whatever you do, say, and think is what you make possible for others to do, say, and think.

What you choose you make possible for others to choose. (meditate on this; see what it might mean for you)

So stop looking for heroes and saviors.

YOU be the hero of your life.
YOU be the healer of your body.
YOU be the savior of your own soul.

This is what the holy books are telling us – that we are what we seek. That we are here to express the highest possibilities for beautiful Humanity; the highest possibilities of Divinity in Humanity, through Humanity, as Humanity.

Moreover, the holy books, if they are to be effective as tools for transformation of consciousness, must be read and approached not as someone else’s story but as yours.

Because if Christ is, so are you.
If Buddha is, so are you.
If Krishna is, so are you.
If Moses is, so are you.
If Abraham is, so are you.
If Mohammed is, so are you.
If Gandhi is, so are you.
If Amma is, so are you.
If any one is holy, so are you.

If they can, you can. If they are, you are.

The same Spirit that breathes in them, breathes in you.
The same light that shines in them, shines in you.
The same life that they lived, you can choose.
The same things they did, you can do.

And greater things you will do.








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