The #1 Reason For Your Discontent & Unhappiness


Yes, there’s one reason and one reason only why you are not happy at your career/job, relationships, family life, friendships, social scene, personal life, professional life, where you live, what you drive, and on and on.

There’s only one reason why at every turn, with every acquisition, promotion, achievement, success and failure, you still feel incomplete and dissatisfied.

That reason is this – you are not living from your purpose and living and working toward its fulfillment.

You are not living and doing and working and serving in the role intended for you (and, more importantly, by you).

You are not aligned with your purpose, you have no vision for your life, and you are cut off from your genius.

What’s left is a shell of a Human Being going through endless rounds of lifeless sameness every day.

(Be thankful, by the way, for your discontent and unhappiness. These are the ‘signal lights’ on our soul’s dashboard informing us that something is off and in need of our attention).

You try to fill the void, and seek escape from that feeling of emptiness, with entertainment, television, the internet, social media, gossip, drugs, religion, work, sex, shopping, food, drama, melodrama, and whatever other distractions you can find to keep yourself from facing and dealing with why you are not fully alive and self-expressed.

So the challenge and the work is discovering your purpose.

And if you already are clear on what that is, but are not living and working toward its fulfillment, then your work is to activate that purpose and live from it. Only then will you have the vision, the energy, and the passion to see it all the way through.

Wanna know what I think about your purpose?

This is big so please listen.

If your purpose is not centered on at least one principle for the benefit and growth of all Humanity, then there is no point to your purpose.

In other words, if your purpose is to be rich, or famous, or whatever, and your vision does not factor and include ‘for the benefit and advancement of all’ then it is a tiny purpose meant to satisfy the cravings of the ego. It’s useless.

At this point, Humanity is at a crossroad, a point at which we have to decide whether we are in this alone, as individuals only, or together, as a community. Ego-system vs. ecosystem.

We need BIG VISION, bigger dreams filled with unprecedented possibilities for all of Humanity and our planet.

It’s only when you know your purpose and are living from it that will you feel alive, connected, enthusiastic, and firmly grounded in your own unique place in this world.

The best thing is this – you’re only one question, one choice, one step from living and operating from your purpose.

I will cover some specifics you can do now to start living purposefully and meaningfully. Stay tuned in.



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