10 Life Lessons I Learned From A Trapped Bird

Photo Credit: Christine Grabig

Photo Credit: Christine Grabig


When life seems to fall apart, or when I feel trapped by difficulties and anguish, I bring to mind this little bird who taught me the power of stillness.

A little bird flew into our home. Trapped, it flapped its wings wildly, thudding its body against the windows. With a broom I tried guiding the bird toward the open front door, but in his panicked state he ricocheted upstairs.

I raced after him with a bag in hand. I found him trapped in the upstairs bathroom. I finally captured the little bird and sealed the bag with a clenched fist, leaving an opening big enough so he could breathe.

The bird chirped, fluttered, and flipped frantically inside the bag as I rushed to get him outside. I was afraid he might hurt himself. Before I reached the lower floor the bird became still and silent inside the bag. I wondered if he was still alive.

I reached outside and opened the bag and immediately the bird rocketed toward the blue sky and flew away in his freedom.

There are many layers of wisdom embedded in this experience. And if you’re ever in a situation that has you feeling trapped or overwhelmed, remembering these quick gems can help you in time of trouble:

1) Our circumstances are borne from our choices and actions. Don’t resist them or complain. Understand and act.
2) Even if we miss opportunities, there are always other possibilities available to us.
3) Within every crisis is the seed of opportunity for the solution.
4) You may not be able to control your external environment, but you can certainly master your inner world.
5) There is a time for action and there is a time for being still. Discern the times, know your rhythm.
6) Listen and feel for your own inner guidance and act accordingly.
7) Cultivate your discernment so you can clearly distinguish opportunities from hindrances.
8) No matter the difficulty, you are a Human Being with a mind and a spirit operating in a friendly universe. Use these to your benefit.
9) When you are in stillness, in silence, you create the space for possibilities/solutions to emerge to your awareness that you never thought of. (This is because what you are, what you are made of, and what you have access to cannot fail you – ever).
10) There are unseen ‘guiding hands’ that work and even intervene for your benefit. Whether angels, ancestors, guides, laws, or principles….or whatever else in this vastly mysterious universe….they exist for your well-being.




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