A Question of Identity

Earth in Hands

If your house was broken into and only your brother’s room suffered theft would you say that your house was not robbed? Or would you not care about the theft because it was not your room?

Would you succumb to the madness that it was your right hand that did it but not the left when they are of one body?

How then can you say , ‘it is another country at war (or in economic distress, political turmoil, or any kind of adversity), not mine‘ when we share the same planet?

Or, ‘it wasn’t my (political) party that did it, it was the other‘ when we are one nation?

Or, ‘my religion is more honorable than yours‘ yet you claim there is only one god?

Or, ‘my race/tribe is superior to yours‘ yet all are of one blood?

Why do you not care what happens in another country or to another tribe when we are one Earth?



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