The Way of the Magi


We live in different worlds, each with its own language, color and culture. Family, childhood friendships, soul family, community, work, social acquaintances, personal confidantes, imagination, dreams, writing, healing, intimacy, and who knows how many other worlds to come that await our arrival. We express, discover, and become something different within the shifting contexts, weaving through each transition as fluidly as rains sailing through the winds.

Our experience of ourselves varies as a result, taking on different feelings, tones, and shades according to our evolving, internal ecology. We change thought-forms, vary inflection, alter motion, and shift patterns in spontaneous synchronicity with the invisible guidance in all. And through it all the intention never wavers – love, life, and light to all. All, without exception.

We are magi, sorcerers of silence wherein the invisible assumes form, function, and voice. Here, imagination is reality and the word the architect. The heart is central and mind organizes all into well-ordered sequences within variant matrices and paradigms so that circumstances never hinder. The magi can override any operating system.

In this way, then, life becomes a game and we are players in the game, no longer spectators. We know we have a say in what happens. We create games within the game, dreams within dreams, all interwoven, interconnected, layers within layers within layers. Levels, dimensions, possibilities – infinite. All we observe is by what space of consciousness we occupy. By will and by way we move and see.

Even our observing becomes an action – of reciving, yes, and also of giving.

We see and all receive. We speak and all become.

Life no longer happens. We happen, you happen, I happen….and our world follows.

This is the power and the way of the magi.


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