What Will You Make Possible?


Wherever you go you are responsible for bringing the light and raising the vibration.

This is your responsibility, my responsibility, our mission.

We’re not merely citizens, family members, employees, employers, aritists, parents, people, or consumers.

We are Lightworkers on a mission.

We are here to nourish with the golden grains of our heart, our wisdom, and our collective energies.

Let’s not look to others to cast blame or seek solutions. Let’s not look to others and see others, but ourselves.

Let us turn to the mirror of contemplation and gather from within our souls the power and courage to move ahead in spite of fears and doubts.

Let us embark on our mission, however it may play out in the details of our healing voyage, determined to fulfill it no matter the challenge or setback.

All things in existence are merely possibilities in expression.

Therefore, all things are possible.

What will you make possible?

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