from silence and distance

So much has happened since I last posted here on Healing Voyage: the birth of my second child, Salvador; flights, brief, into skies lit with creative fires; intense shadow-work; my learning, by experience, always by experience, the simplicity of flow, intention, attention, choice; the calling of teachers, guides, on whispers carried by dreamy winds; and journeys of unknown purpose offering insights through myth, through the mysteries of communion with self, nature, silence, Creator, and through the space of thoughtful, mindful receptivity.

And through every event, every relationship, through every question and turn, I remain – no less, no more. Only here, only now, learning, unlearning, giving, receiving, sharing, growing, stumbling, turning, twisting, running, crawling, flying, falling, living, dying, birthing, re-birthing, remembering…..

New visions of old dreams color my seeing, my shifting. The work I continue to do, my personal growth work, is now felt with new fingers on new textures as new tools, and new co-creators, present themselves to my Soul. I feel the call of Spirit, and of the myth of my own life, to be the life I am, we are, intended to be, intend to be, and burn to live. To live my dream, our dream, your dream, of the Eternal Child – that eternally bright emanation of love, curiosity, wonder, and purity – in us all and finally silence the echoes of the Ancestors calling us to fulfill what we are in essence, by nature, through unity and inheritance……..yes, all of this.

I know that some of you are more finely tuned into the rhythm of your lives and the narrative that gives meaning and context, all up to you by the way, to that rhythm. And I also know that some of you are discovering that you are freer and more capable than you ever thought of composing your life free of bounds, conditions, and constraints upon your self-expression. Even from distances of space, of time, we are not so very different……not at all.

Through the silences we enter the hidden worlds of imagination, memory, dreams, visions, and flight where matter, time, and distance do not intrude, cannot govern.

Meet me there.

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