At The Headwaters Of Mount Shasta

The Headwaters of Mount Shasta, located at Mount Shasta City Park at the base of Mount Shasta, is a gathering place of hippies, spiritual seekers, healers, mystics, tourists, and locals. All are drawn to the pure, cold spring water that surfaces here after a 50 year journey to the base of Mount Shasta after being purified through volcanic rock. I’ve heard that from snowflake to gushing water is a 100 year journey. In any case, the water is absolutely pure and ice cold.

The people are equally drawn to the dancing energies of the One Universal Breath. The only thing purer than the water are many of the hearts that assemble, and loiter, in the park to receive the healing energies of the holy mountain, of the water she freely gives, and of the spiritual dynamic of a community that, though imperfectly forged, still has so much to offer.

Caroline, Solomon, and I came here on this day, Thursday, July 25th, to look for 2 young spiritual warriors, Van and Phillip, whom we had met previously. What we discovered on this day was a gathering of a couple hundred people, about half of whom were immersed in a Mayan healing ceremony of ritual song and drumming, healing chants, and collective meditation intended to raise the vibration on Earth. There’s always a lot of that going on here in Mount Shasta.

The ‘hippies’ comprised the majority of the folks at the park on this day. Some congregated right at the site of the Headwaters, seated on benches, soaking their heads and thirst in the frigid waters to get some relief from the 100 degree heat while others sold crystals and hand-made jewelry. Still others were seated in meditation on the big boulders that guard the opening from which springs the waters.

It was funny to stand out among the hippies with my neon green athletic top and cargo shorts and relatively clean look. I didn’t care really because in my heart I felt right at home. True hippie is in the heart.

My wife and I settled at a picnic bench next to the children’s play area. We met up with several people whom we met before and enjoyed lively, uplifting conversation about prayer, animal spirits, the New Earth, angels, consciousness, altered consciousness experiences, UFO’s, and yogurt.

The ‘norm’ here in Mount Shasta is the ‘bizarre’ in mainstream society. But then, if we live in a world truly free there is no mainstream, no norm, and no bizarre. However, the walls built between hearts and the borders drawn by identity map out a very different atlas of illusory divisions. It doesn’t matter though, heaven is not a place anyway – true heaven is in the heart.

Caroline and I had planned to spend the day at the Siskiyou Lake but when we got here we just couldn’t leave.

And check out what we would have missed:

– The Mayan healing rituals conducted by a community of about 80 to 100 people with the one intention of expressing the New Earth.

– The talk with Richie whose daughter, Violet Ray, age 6, just left for home in Colorado the day before, after visiting him for several weeks, to return to her mother who’s a prostitute and Richie sharing how he must be the expression of whole love and light, of the whole masculine and feminine, for his daughter because her life in Colorado is so incredibly dark and injurious. He gave me permission to share this with the world if I wanted to because, like he said, ‘I have nothing to hide. My heart is open.‘ So I’m sharing.

– Ritual with Savan, the self-described ‘Guardian of Light and Messenger of Saint Germain’ whose willingness to re-imagine reality is magical and magnetic. He gave me 2 stones, shaped perfectly like a ufo, the one, and carved intricately, the other, to hold, one in each hand, with arms outstretched so that my body formed a cross. I closed my eyes feeling the vibration of the stones (one was ‘feminine’, the other ‘masculine’, according to Savan) in my hands and stood in that position and all I could picture were scenes from a dream I had had years ago in which I was flying and showing others quite younger than myself,how to fly. When I finally opened my eyes, after how much time I have no idea but I swear it felt like an hour, there were about 10 people around me engaged in different forms of meditation and mindful dance-meditation where before it was only me and Savan. Dreams do come true.

– The not-insignificant detail of police rolling slowly thru the park and harassing no one even though there was the smell of cannabis in the air here and there. The police were there to serve and protect and it was delightful to witness their respect for the energy of the people.

– My conversation with Robin, whom I had met then and there, who is raising his grand-daughter who’s about 2 or 3 years old. Our sharing back and forth revealed that even in this diversity of spiritual expression such as what we were a part of, and observing, there is the same tendency as in organized religions to look outside oneself for guidance and answers from spirit-guides and angels and saints even though we have our own internal Spirit, Teacher, Counselor, and Guide – AMEN!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

– And finally meeting up with Van and Phillip who had just returned from doing healing ritual near Crystal Lake and meeting with 2 young men, Koah and Dan-I-El, who have joined themselves to them to learn their healing craft and spiritual philosophy. And when we did meet up with them the energy was so familial and loving that it felt like a celebration….which it was.

What I’ve shared here with you is only a slice of a sliver of a picture inadequately expressed in words. The experience, as always, is the meat and the revelation.

This was a singularly uplifting moment carved out of eternity’s  ever-flowing spring of life at the Headwaters of Mount Shasta.

This is life in Mount Shasta.

peace & blessings

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