A Technique To Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

Here’s a simple but profoundly impacting technique to strengthen the connection and responsiveness between your mind and body, between your conscious self and your unconscious self. The technique is supremely simple and with a little practice you will experience a shift in consciousness so subtle that you may not even notice it but you will be well on your way to a deepening relationship with your Self.

The Technique and Some of Its Benefits

– Before going to bed you will clear your mind and bring yourself into a state of deep relaxation, which you can do by simply breathing deeply and mindfully for as little as 30 seconds.

– Ask your Inner Self (or your Spirit, your Higher Self, your Soul, God, Universe or whatever term works for you) to wake you up at whatever time you want/need to wake up – 6:15am, for example.

– As a ‘safety net’, so that you’re not late for work, you can set your alarm clock for 6:30am. Or, if you normally set your alarm for a certain time, like 6:00am, you can keep the alarm set for that time and ask your Inner Self to wake you up at an earlier time, like 5:00am.

– This is especially effective if you have a purpose, besides wanting to build your connection with your Spirit, like morning reading, meditation, prayer or any kind of personal development ritual.

– Eventually, by experiencing the effectiveness of this technique, you will gain enough confidence so that you will no longer need your alarm clock.

One benefit of mastering this technique is that you won’t have to rely on an alarm clock to wake up at the time you need to wake up. Our reliance on external machines can be debilitating even if it is not intended to be.

Also, waking up with an alarm clock is, well, alarming. To be suddenly, abruptly awakened out of sleep is a shock to our nervous system, no matter how accustomed we might grow to this intrusion.

And to be awakened so abruptly, and often harshly, often erases any conscious recall of our dreams from the night before which denies us the learning and growth offered by dream recall and interpretation. Dreams are far too important for the lessons and wisdom they offer, from our Inner Self, for us to not remember them.

I’ve been keeping a dream journal now for 12 years and I can say from experience that I have learned a great deal about myself, my Self, and Spirit through the record and review of my dreams, even years later.


Why Do This? The Bigger Picture

In my personal and professional life I seek ways to strengthen the connection and build intimacy between the mind and body, the known self and the unknown Self, the personal soul and the Universal Soul.

I’ve shared other ways in Healing Voyage by which you can deepen this all-important relationship with the Self. Other posts like How To Get Answers and Guidance Through Your Dreams and Trouble Falling Asleep? Try This – It Works illustrate ways in which anyone can begin doing this right away.

The reason for this kind of work is to empower the individual as an individual and, more importantly, as a part of the life and consciousness on Earth and beyond. When you deepen your connection with your Inner Self you deepen your connection with the One Universal Self, and by doing so you elevate your consciousness and, by connection and extension, the collective consciousness.

We have been so misinformed and mis-educated – through religion, formal schooling, and consumerism – about our nature as Humans that the mission to reclaim our essential Self is equivalent in significance and impact, even more so, to the national mission to put a man on the moon in the 60’s.

We are more than bodies, more than consumers, more than parts and pieces of modernity – we are Spiritual Beings of great intelligence, power, and possibilities. And we have the power to define and re-define what who and what we are by simply imagining, thinking, and declaring so.

But how do we tap into and express that power when we are so disconnected from that power, which is internal and omnipresent? One way is to apply exercises and methods, like meditation, or mystical experimentation, so that we have an experience of ourselves that falls outside of the box of linear, rational knowledge and preconceptions shaped and implanted via our agreement with teachings that we have adopted as truth.

This is why I share these exercises with you, so that by doing them, by experience, you will get much closer to knowing what you are.


The Challenge

The greatest challenge we face is to take those necessary steps, and to keep walking, along unfamiliar paths that challenge our notions of ourselves, and of the Self, and threaten the identities we assume are intrinsic to our individual Being. This requires an open, receptive mind, imagination, and commitment to the path of discovery.

It’s not easy, but neither is it difficult. What we declare, is so. And because our perception of reality arises from the language we employ, time spent in silent contemplation and stillness of mind becomes crucial to discovering new possibilities and contexts.

One need only to desire to plumb the depths of the inner world where the origins of consciousness, of life and of death are discovered.

Then, take action.


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