You Are Built For Success

Within you is a mechanism of mind that is built for success. It’s the very same mechanism that bends the plant toward sunlight, leads the desert lizard to find water, propels the hawk to hunt and capture its prey, and guides the salmon upstream to its birthplace.

This mechanism is also present in Humans. Success is as natural to Humans as it is to the rest of Nature.

So why, then, do so many people fail, or worse, don’t try at all?

First, let’s make clear what success is not. Success is not getting the fancy car, expensive clothes, the big mansion, or the important title. This is not success.

Success is creative accomplishment. Success is any achievement in which you played a creative part in bringing it about. The cars, clothes, and titles may be the rewards of success but they are not success.

So what is failure, then?

Failure is simply a step forward that indicates an adjustment must be made. Failure is a teaching/learning opportunity. Failure tells you what needs adjusting and is part of your success mechanism. Failure is not what you are though!

In other words, if you failed at something it means that you failed at something, it does not mean that you are a failure. This distinction is extremely important and must be made clear in the mind. Too many people identify with their failures as if the failure is the makeup of their personality. Having concluded thus, it is then certain to lead to one failure after another without the benefit of learning and making adjustments toward success.

To reach your success, and to fail along the way, requires that you take action.

For example, when the child is learning to walk he will inevitably fall and ‘fail’ a number of times. With each fall his mind will make an adjustment to positioning and balance of the body in such a way that the next attempt (action) will show an improvement until, after enough attempts (actions) are made and information gathered from these attempts, the child is successfully walking on his own. The failures played a vitally important, necessary part of the success and are absolutely essential to it.

In fact, this is how all success happens. We ‘fail’ our way forward until the goal we’ve chosen is achieved. Therefore, your goal must be specific enough that you will know it once you reach it.

Vague goals that are not clearly defined do not give your built-in success mechanism anything definitive to strive for, and success, then, will not be achieved. In this case, you are much more likely to personally identify with ‘failure’ as a part of your makeup.

However, if success was never clear then failure does not truly enter the picture as it is intended to (as a learning tool). Failure, in this instance, is worn as a false belief that it is intrinsic to your being. When this is the case you will never take action. And without action, a result of mistakenly identifying with failure as a part of your makeup, then you have zero chance of ever achieving anything. Zero.

Success, true success, is a result of repeated failures and persistent action until the desired result is produced. This is actually how guided missiles work. A guided missile has a target (goal) programmed into it. It then is propelled forward (action) and as it moves toward its target (goal) it is constantly going off-course (failure) and correcting itself (adjustment) until it finally reaches its target (success).

So if we were to write a formula for success it might look something like this:

Goal + Action + Failure + Adjustment = Success

G + A + F + A = S

This is the summary formula of your success mechanism. This is how all success comes about, without exception.

Show me a person who succeeds without failure, and I will show you a person who has learned nothing and has not grown thereby and, indeed, cannot.

So as you set out to leave your mark in the world by striving towards your desired goals, know that you were built for success, that you are meant to be, to do, and to have what you desire, because if you weren’t then you would not have had the desire to begin with.

The road to success is paved with failure. Persist in your actions, make your adjustments along the way, and you will inevitably own the road and reach your destination.

5 responses to “You Are Built For Success

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  3. Precisely. Every failure contains all the information required to succeed next time. Successful people understand failure to be a valuable lesson that they learn and benefit from.


    • And successful people are eager for the lessons contained in failures. While others laugh and scorn, and thus avoid attempts at success due to their fear of failure, successful people plow ahead undeterred. Thanks, Timethief……looking forward to connecting with you again. Ciao.


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