How Your Words Create Your Reality

Your words are more powerful than you think.

When you speak you’re not only expressing what you think and feel from your conscious mind but you are commanding, shaping, and molding your thoughts, ideas and beliefs on a subconscious level.

The etymology of the word ‘word’ comes from a Sanskrit word vrata. Vrata means law, command, ordinance.

So your words not only express or describe (passive), they define and create (active). Really think about this, because many people keep themselves back in life with the words they use even though they are not conscious they are doing so.

For example, when I am out shopping I often hear parents tell their children something like, ‘No, we can’t buy that. It’s too expensive,’ or ‘No, we don’t have the money to get that.’

What these parents don’t know is that they are not just describing their current condition, they are perpetuating that very same condition. They are not just describing the present, they are creating the future.

When they tell their children that something is too expensive or that they don’t have the money, they also are saying, unknowingly, that it will always be too expensive or they will never have the money.

With their words they are creating a law, an ordinance, in other words, a permanent reality.

One suggestion I would make to these parents is to say something like, ‘Right now, at this moment, I’m going to say no. However, it’s very possible that I will buy that for you in the near future.’ Of course, there has to be other things in place, especially in the person’s psyche, that is creating that possibility. Personal, transformational work begins with intention, desire, thoughts, words, and actions and results in a raising of consciousness and a shift in reality.

The mention of the parents above is just one example of how we use our words to limit our possibilities and frame our reality within walls of limitation.

If, for instance, you find yourself saying, ‘It’s too expensive,’ you can re-frame reality by saying something like, ‘How can I afford that?‘ or ‘What can I do to afford that?‘ In this way you leave open the possibility that you will be able to afford it and your sub-conscious (or unconscious) mind will go to work to find those possibilities and the answers to your questions.

When you make a declarative statement like, ‘It’s too expensive,’ your unconscious mind will simply agree with you – ‘Yup, it’s too expensive. You can’t afford it.’ Your reality remains fixed in that position because there is no room to create or seek other possibilities beyond your declaration, your command, your law.

Take notice of the words you use and make the connection between your words (and thoughts) and your circumstances. Notice how your circumstances and conditions will always match your dominant words, expressions, and thoughts.

Start to shift what you say and how you say it. Explore alternative ways of speaking and notice the effect on your thoughts, attitudes, and behavior. Experiment with this connection between your words and your reality and see what results emerge as you sharpen your awareness of your words and their corresponding reality.

In this way, you can begin to awaken to, become aware of, and experience yourself as a creator (active) and not just a consumer (passive). Become the active agent in creating your life, your reality, and you will see and experience the wonders of living as an empowered Human Being who will then inspire others to raise their consciousness and shift their reality.

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