Have A Profitable Day!

I just got an email the other day from a marketing company with an intriguing offer. At the end of the email it read, Have a profitable day.

I like that line – have a profitable day.

There are others I like, too – have a beautiful day; have a prosperous day.

But have a profitable day is more specific, clearer. At least to me.

What it tells me is be sure my gains are greater than my losses. And that could be with my business, my marriage, my health.

Every day will see a loss of some kind, a setback, an issue or dilemma. However, make sure the gains are greater than the losses.

When you are in business for yourself you have to make sure every day is a profitable one, or at least sets you up for a profitable one.

But profitable is not just about money.

Profitable applies to your efforts, your actions, in any area of life.

Are your actions focused and efficient?
Are your efforts consistent and gainful?
Are you doing, everyday, all that can be done to fulfill your goal and dream life?

As you strive toward your goals and dreams each day, make sure your gains are greater than your losses.

Have a profitable day!

(better yet, make it a profitable day!)

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