In Response to Liberty on the Fourth

Firework_Statue of Liberty

A not insignificant segment of the planet’s population has its attention on today as a day of remembrance, reunions, and some revelry.

The Fourth is, like all holidays-holy days are, a gathering place in time. A day marked and observed every year in the national psyche. Life would go on without it, and without all of them, but for now these sacred days have scratched their moment in eternity. And we hold the rasp.

For now, this day brings people and activities together, offering a day of rest, relaxation, and recreation. They bring benefits.

Yet, what do we bring to these holidays-holy days? What do we bring to the gatherings? Do we bring a dish, a bottle of wine, plates? Or do we bring soulful presence, aliveness, and awareness? Or better, both?

If Liberty Asked

What would we say, what would I say, what would you say to Liberty if she asked, What have you done with your Liberty?

How do we respond? How does each one of us stand in the face of what that question presents? And then as a nation – how do we fare?

Can we respond by saying, individually and collectively, that what we have done with our Liberty, is respect and revere you in all relations extending to all other individuals, peoples, and lands.

Could that be our true reply?

A Time to Reflect on Liberty

Do we allow others freedom to be? Do we allow that for ourselves?

If so, how so? If not, why not?

If not, allow again… right? Allow me, allow you, allow her, allow him, allow them.

A time to reflect and meditate on the spirit of the day’s meaning can be a thoughtful enterprise on this holiday-holy day and all others. In doing so, we may extract sparkling thoughts of meaning, personal, from the gut. We can spin our own personal myth, or refer back to the one we’ve already identified as our own, as a practice of self-determination and imagination. We can rebirth our selves. The soul is enriched thereby.

And to recognize a universal Self, which births our identified self and can birth any it chooses, is to see and be invited into the unity of all things. Accepting that invitation, acting on it,  each one of us, the collective Soul is enriched thereby.

The Shadow of Agreement

Because, after all, it is us. We give life to things and then present our offerings, our gifts, to that life. From realms of light and shadow within us we bring our gifts. All by choice, and by agreement.

These holy-days, these structures of agreement, we uphold. We agree on a thing, and by doing so we give it form and life. New dynamics emerge, new relationships form. In time, we respond to them as if their existence were self-generated and independent. Being thus, they impact us. We agree to be, and we agree on how.

Then, out of the mutated shadow of our agreements, and our psyche, we deny to others the right of existence that we extend to our agreements. Policy over people. People and principle denied.

Our agreements give life to things in whose names the lives of others are taken away. We give life to ideas and institutions which then judge and execute judgment. All because we agree.

(And agreements do not seek pause for reflection. They can’t. Only we can.)

The right to exist, self-defined and self-aware, within any circle extends only as far as the agreement of those who populate that circle. This is how Liberty is practiced, often enough, by agreement, not by individual consent.

The individual carries too much risk. Conformity must be.

The man demands it of the woman. The woman demands it of the man. Both demand it of the children. The company demands it of the worker. The government demands it of the citizen. The system demands it of the unit.

Shadow is by agreement, not intrinsic. You agree with a thought, an idea, and you partake of its energetic offerings (karma). The collective agrees on a thing and the thing has life.

Conformity must be.

Liberty Reborn

Liberty is intrinsic to all. As is Light. As is Abundance. These life-energies are inherent in all expressions of life. We uphold these principles, and others, by allowing them for ourselves and for all. We uphold them because they have their own life. We uphold them through our awareness of them.

As in you, so in me.
As in me, so in you.

This is not conformity, this is recognition. This is awarenes and recognition of the One Life in all, all expressing the One Life.

So my response to Liberty might be,

By your question I became aware
of the life in all, everywhere.
It is not my liberty, his liberty,
our liberty, or their liberty.
So I chose to let Liberty be,
and Liberty was reborn in me.



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