12 Ways to Invest in Yourself

We live in a modern world caught up in the illusion of social instability, mass insecurity, and personal angst. Therefore, there is no better time to invest in yourself. In fact, you must if you want to transform your life and advance in any way.

Why? Well, for one, if you don’t, you run the risk of falling into a downward spiral of limited possibilities and opportunities for personal growth, professional success, and a transformed life worth living. Invest in yourself to transform yourself into an empowered individual.

And second, if you don’t invest in yourself then not only will no one else invest in you, but no one will be impacted and inspired by you to transform their lives. In other words, the world will not transform if you don’t. Your transformation will create the possibility for others to do the same. Invest in yourself because the world you live in, the world that your children and grandchildren and your great-grandchildren will be living is in need of empowered, transformed Human Beings to be the example for others to do the same. There are direct and indirect social benefits to your transformational actions and results.

12 Ways To Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself ultimately will look differently for each one of us  and take on numerous forms. How simple it truly is may surprise you.

Here are 12 ways you can invest in yourself starting right now:

1) Breathe – breathe consciously, deeply, mindfully. Healing and transformation begin, like life itself, with the breath, and conscious breathing elevates it to transformational, healing action.

2) Eat consciously – throw away the junk food and eat fruits, vegetables, whole, unrefined grains – all organic and non-GMO; drink pure water;  these are simple ways to begin as you develop your own preferences mindfulness, awareness, and practice will allow to see and know what is best for you;

3) Exercise – every day, preferably or at least 3 times a week, for at least 20 minutes. Exercise varies according to preference and tolerance. It will be going to the gym for some; or going to the local park with grass and hills (for running hills, if you’re up to it!); hiking (which combines #1 and #8 on this list); swimming; bike riding. the point is, get in motion!

4) Take classes – whether it’s classes at your local community college, getting your degree,  or FREE online courses (great schools like MIT, Yale, Stanford, UC Berkely, or Notre Dame and you can even earn credits for some free courses – see here: free courses). There is no excuse for not learning something that will contribute to your advancement.

5) Take coaching – hiring a coach (life coach, spiritual coach, business coach, physical trainer) is a great way to receive one-on-one instruction, inspiration, and be held accountable. Coaching descends from the old ways of community in which a mentor assisted a protege in his advancement.

6) Read – reading books on subjects you’re passionate about or interested in is an invaluable, stimulating way to invigorate your mind while acquiring knowledge. Experience trumps reading any day but reading is a great exercise of mind and imagination.

7) Learn self-healing techniques – the cost of healthcare will only go up, it seems, so learn ways and techniques you can apply to maintain optimum health, resolve emotional issues, relieve or eliminate stress, and that you can use to help family and friends. It may even be something you develop into a service you provide others.

8) Take walks in Nature – whether it’s hiking trails, the beach, or the local Nature preserve, expose yourself to the mystical power and sacred beauty of Nature. Nature soothes the soul, cleansing it and restoring it to balance and serenity.

9) Spirituality – spirituality means many things to many people so whatever it may mean to you, assuming that it’s meaningful to you, develop a daily practice of it. You don’t have to subscribe to any specific religious system either – you can create your own. Seriously! The point is this, we have a spiritual element to our existence and its nature is more mysterious and complex than how it is packaged and delivered by organized religions. Make your spirituality experiential, exploratory, and experimental.

10) Community – participating in a community of some kind, whether it’s family, friends, or a gathering built around a shared interest, community enlivens and enriches the soul and mind. Offering support, nurturing, understanding, and communion, community is necessary to our Human-beingness.

11) Volunteer – by being in service to others you benefit in ways that will surprise you. The act of giving – your time, talents, energy – is also the act of receiving. Giving and receiving are one. And volunteering is a great way to experience both.

12) Entrepreneurship – the job market is changing rapidly and it’s not changing for the benefit of the hourly wage-earner. You have it in you to be self-employed or a business owner but you must get over any fear or false beliefs you may have built around this idea – and the only way to get over them is to take action! You have something to offer the market, which is now global thanks to the internet, and it’s cheaper and easier than ever before to strike out on your own.

My list offers 12 great ways you can begin to invest in yourself right now. It covers your entire Being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. You certainly don’t have to start doing all 12 at once. Try just one or two things first and then build from there.

However, it’s only 12 ways that I listed and everything on my list is not for everyone. There are many more ways to invest in yourself.

See what else you come up with that you feel will work for you. The point here is to take action.

Your transformed Self and a transformed world are calling on you to take action.

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