The Light of Mt. Shasta

The light of Mt. Shasta is the people who live in its shadow – the seekers, misfits, drifters, the regulars and the residents. Mt. Shasta is a gathering place of people whose hearts shimmer with the glow of a inviting flame.

There is also shadow here, of course, but it only enriches the mix of humanity’s imperfections with divine aspirations. Soul is deepened as a result, like the rich amber  color of bread crust baking in the hearth.

Conversations of spirit, spirits, nocturnal dreams, arch-angels, spiritual ascension, trees speaking and the waters teaching, and to find yourself sucked into them, are as commonplace as the bird songs that explode in spring. You won’t stand out here as you would in more reserved, self-conscious society. Here, a suit and tie is alien.

I feel at home here, among the citizens of society’s fringes who refuse to be woven into the bland colors of the mainstream. My solitude, even here, is still where I am most at home, but in the company of these Souls I can snuggle up to the fire knowing I won’t get burned.

Here, the policeman wave hello to you as they drive by. Folks, I’m from the South Bronx – that just doesn’t happen where I’m from! The first time a police officer waved at me I shot my eyes straight forward and kept driving slowly while watching for his next move in my rear-view mirror. Now I wave back and return their smile. I’ve since found out that there is no reported crime here unless you count the occasional  DUI.

Here, children are accommodated, acknowledged, celebrated. In most stores here there is an area dedicated to children for play and rest, and when Solomon is especially active, his curious hands picking up anything colorful on the shelves, the merchants engage him playfully and encourage his hands-on curiosity.

I guess that’s why Caroline and I choose to stay here, having made this place our home for the time-being. I’m sure we will move again once the children are a bit older, but that will be years, and years, of living in this place ‘where heaven meets earth’. Or maybe never.




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