What is a Lightworker? (Part 2)

What gives rise to the things mentioned in Part 1 of this post?

Language. Whether that language is word, picture, thought, or action it is language that gives rise to all of it. It is the WORD.

When we look up the etymology of the word word we find the Sanskrit word vratá which means will, command, law, ordinance, rule (http://www.sanskrita.org/wiki/index.php/vrata).

Let’s ponder this for a moment.

What does this imply? Our word is a command, an expression of will, a law. Speak and it is so. Whether we are aware or not, we shape our reality with our words! And by the power intrinsic to the word we can shift our personal and collective reality.

We give command by the word expressed – either as thought, speech, or action. The universe came forth through language, word, command, law. We live in an intended and intentional universe.

And each of us is an expression of the universe expressing in us, through us, as us.

Each of us is an expression of the originating word, the originating command, the originating declaration by which we came into existence.

Therefore, each of is and has access to the same creative power and potential that gave rise to ALL things!

Language, like Light, is energy, information. By language we came to be, we are and we become. We are the expression of the WORD. Our reality is shaped by our language, our WORD. Language shapes perception, how we see.

For example, a beachgoer uses the word crummy or terrible to describe a cloudy, cool day. A runner uses the word perfect or splendid to describe the same cloudy, cool day. Each one uses language which gives rise to their respective reality. Yet, all the day is is a cloudy, cool day – it is neither terrible nor perfect. Our word commands our reality and determines how we relate to it.

And what we aim to do as Lightworkers – i.e., to raise the vibration on Earth by increasing Love and Light to all , through all, as all – we do through language, our WORD, our command.

The word we express through thought, speech, or action is more than merely an idea or concept or deed – our word is a transaction of power, an act of creation.

Consider the Greek word logos. Logos is derived from the word lego which means to speak, to lay forth.

Logos means the word or form which expresses a thought and can also mean the thought itself  (notice that there is a distinction between the thought and the word which expresses the thought). Logos also means intelligence, a word as the expression of that intelligence.

In the book known as the Bible we read, in the book of John:

1) In the beginning was the word (logos) and the word (logos) was with (Creator) and the word was (and is) (Creator).

3) All things were made by (logos) and without (logos) nothing was made (formed, created, occurred) that was made (formed, created, occurred).

The idea of the word (logos, vrata) as the Divine Expression is the idea behind the Christ.

The word Christ is a reference to our Divine nature, our Divine power as expressions of the originating, creative principle at the heart of ALL things in existence.

And we answer the call and gather in heart, in soul, in mind, in power as Lightworkers – combining our energies, our intention, our spirits, our minds – to RAISE THE VIBRATION ON EARTH BY INCREASING LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL, THROUGH ALL, AS ALL ON EARTH THROUGH OUR DIVINE NATURE, WORD, THOUGHTS, AND ACTIONS THEN NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE.

When light is scattered we can see by it but we cannot do anything with it.

However, when those scattered waves of light are perfectly aligned, as they are in lasers, we can use it efficaciously – with love, integrity, and precision – as a powerful tool to create a reality of fully expressed Humanity, Love, Light, and Power in all, through all, as all.

Are you one of the Lightworkers?

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