A Call to Lightworkers

Earth Glowing Hands 2

you approve the hypocrisy
because it leans in your direction
silent at the lies,
the screens, and deflections

you boast of the power
held by your leaders
stealthily comes the hour
of the rule of the ethers

and to you who might read this
with accusatory eye
know your are seen
for truth cannot lie

lines of discord
drawn in the sand
by the left and the right
by mere sleight of hand

while bemoaning the state
of things and affairs
you deny to the ‘others’
the dignity of heirs

for all is inherited
by shadowy gain
as the soul’s true treasure
is traded for blame

the pleasure of strife
in which you delight
is choking the life
as long as you’re right

to make ‘others’ wrong
you uphold your philosophy
as the blind lead the blind
in this game of hypocrisy

what, then, is the answer?
that depends on the question
on what you’re willing to consider
and where you place your attention

is it possible you’re like ‘them’?
and ‘they’ are really you?
that we all are truly One
not divided in two?

humility is here called for
and the opening of the heart
though this won’t complete you
it’s only a start

action is what’s needed
not devisings of the mind
we need a stirring of the soul
to raise the benign

we raise a mystic army
without weapons, without war
Love is our leader
and Light is our core

we will not fight
neither will we strive
we are not set against,
we’re here to raise the vibe

let’s raise the vibration
employing the Mystic Way
uplifting our Humanity
turning shadow into Day

are you one of the Lightworkers?
then this mission join
let us labor as One
and share the hidden coin.

This is a calling. The hour has come. The time is now.

If these words impact you, stir your soul, move your spirit, then communicate with me. Share this post with as many as you like. Let the calling go far and wide to all lands, peoples, and languages.

Email me at sariyd@yahoo.com.

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