Mt. Shasta Through a Lenticular Lens

Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Shasta 2 (bw)

I had never heard of Mt. Shasta before moving to California. Neither had Caroline. We didn’t know anything about the mountain’s history or mystique or why people are drawn to it and what they draw from it. No one had warned us of the sweet intoxication of Mt. Shasta’s beauty and lore or of the bitter taste of her intense energies.

We heard of Mt. Shasta when visiting Redding from Hyampom. It was the guy manning the counter at the U-Haul storage facility who mentioned it to us as a place to visit. He told us it was an energy center on the Earth the way Sedona, Arizona is.

We were intrigued and decided to visit. Then we decided to move there.

The City of Mt. Shasta, which is really more of a town or village, sits at 3500 feet above sea level. The mountain for which the city is named dominates the skyline and the imagination here. She populates dreams and yearnings and speaks in the conversations I overhear in local stops like Village Books, Berryvale, and Crystal Wings. Or in the laundromat. Or with my neighbor who was the first person to tell me about lenticular clouds – the cloud formation that, when I saw it the first time, left me staring into silence with my inner child screaming wow!!

This photo of one (not one of mine) gives you an idea of it (and I will post mine when I get it!) –

Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Shasta 3

Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Shasta 1

Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Shasta 4
I read about lenticular clouds and found that their formation is due to a  combination of factors – wind,  moisture, and terrain. The mechanics of their circular formation I found to be interesting, at best. But boring, really.

A quick visit to the theater of imagination was called for, where myth is born or it informs. Myth and imagination – the playgrounds where you get to make the rules for any game played, with the playgrounds and games serving as hints that you can be as creative as you choose to be when declaring how they’re populated and played. Myth invites you to your creator-ship while embracing your Humanity – your flawed and wanting as well as your perfectly-ordered and complete.

So my myth about these lenticular clouds is that the Earth’s winds and waters and lands – like your breath,  sweat, and body – entangle and play and dance. From their swaying and swirling and sweeping we get treated to spectacles of fancy and wonder. The Aurora Borealis is an example of such play and dance – a spectacle of light, night, and sky.

I also make up this rule in this game: that spirits, of Ancestors, of gods and goddesses, by giving off energies and stirrings through whatever their means and laws, influence and shape what we see. In the case of Mount Shasta and the spirits around her, it’s clouds they carve and wonders we see.

And how about this possibility: that Consciousness, the universal pool of origin and substance and possibilities, has other ways of expressing and creating art and science besides the Van Gogh’s, Mozarts, and Einsteins of our world. These beautiful, elegant mysteries and revelations, understood and known in other realms, lie just beyond the veil of our senses. And because they do, their effects, which we witness and wonder at, we also distantly, coldly, define and measure as mere phenomena in our puny effort to remain in control.

Whatever possibility I come up with, I’m sure to discover and experience what Mt. Shasta knows  – that ALL embraces me, as I Am. This is life through a lenticular lens. This is life in Mt. Shasta.

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