The Potential of December 21, 2012


With December 21, 2012 looming in the minds of many, for whatever reason and by whatever cause, there arises an enormous potential for a shift of the collective consciousness toward love and wisdom on Earth, not because of the Mayan calendar, which I have never studied for myself, nor because of any other postulation of a predetermination based on millennial cycles or energetic shifts or planetary alignments.

The reason for such a great potentiality of harmonic co-existence is simply that there is so much attention on December 21, 2012. With so much focused energy on one fixed point of time we can fill up the space of this time with visions and enactments of awakened consciousness and harmony.

We know that when light waves are aligned the power is concentrated, rendering the arrangement highly useful and effective, as with, for example, lasers. Scattered light is an omni-spatial presence and as such makes all things possible.

Therefore, let us harness the Light Universal to project visions and thoughts and actions for the healing of all the lands, waters, skies and soul of the Earth; the healing of all animals, fish, birds, and insects of the Earth; the healing of all plant life and microscopic life of the Earth; the healing of the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of all Humans of the Earth; and ultimately, for the blessing of ALL expressions of Life, seen and unseen, on Earth and throughout the Universe.

Let us start living out this vision now in the most honest and sincere way that we see and feel, to the end that we will have gathered the power and momentum needed to manifest the shift toward ultimate Life, Love, and Light without limit, birthed through our attention and focus on 12/21/12 and our intention to see it through – starting now.

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