An Invitation for 12/21/2012

Children Laughing B&W

This is not a formal invitation but an invitation nonetheless.

On 12/21/12 @ 11:11am (your time) let’s meditate, visualize, imagine a new self, a new family, a new community, a new world of loving peace, high vibrations, forgiveness, understanding, kindness, compassion, wholeness, joy, and creativity…..a world in which children’s laughter is the new anthem sung by all.

If you think this is ‘new age fu fu’, then think again. Read the article cited below.

Children Laughing w. Globe

In 2008 I attended a gathering at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles in which David Hawkins (author of Power vs. Force) was one of the featured speakers. Through muscle testing he demonstrated that a room of 1200 people (the # of attendees at this conference) could, through focused attention on peace and love, cancel out the negative vibrations of 65,000,000 people.

So – it is said that there are 7 billion, or so, people on Earth. Doing the math, if I calculate this correctly:

65,000,000/1200 = 54,166.66

7,000,000,000/54,166.66 = 129,230 (people)

If we can get at least 129,230 people to do this we will reach the critical mass needed to create the SHIFT OF CONSCIOUSNESS spoken of by our Ancestors and the Mystics throughout the Ages.

Please pass this on (with a blessing that the word will accomplish what we please and not return void).


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