Driving to Hyampom

After Santa Fe we continued west to California. Driving through Arizona we spent one night in Flagstaff and I have nothing to report about it – it was snowy and icy so we never left our hotel room, and then we left in the morning.

I did see, as I packed the car to leave, a crow that was much larger than the ones I used to see back east in Massachusetts. This crow also had a different caw, not as high-pitched as the ones in the east and with a bit more spacing between the sounds. It struck me as having a more mellow, pleasant sound even though what I was used to in the east never bothered me.

We finally reached California and headed up I-5. It was sunny, warm and the pale yellow of the desert terrain stretched out on both sides of the highway toward the mountains that framed our view. Scattered throughout the desert were Joshua trees whose gnarled branches are topped with a prickly green crown. I don’t know how Joshua trees got their name but I can guess that they were named after Yahshua (Joshua), the more likely Hebrew name of the figure known as Jesus.

We spent one last night on the road in Mojave.

Then, after 11 days and many weary hours on the road and in hotels, we reached Hyampom. The drive through Trinity-Shasta National Forest was a majestic exhibit of Nature in her glory. The road wound through mountain after mountain and every one of them was thickly coated in forests of pine and oak trees. The autumn foliage – specks of gold and orange scattered throughout the green pines –  was vibrant even under a sky overcast with low-lying clouds that spilled into dense, white mist hugging and hiding the mountain peaks.

I wish I had a wider lens!

Caroline and I were in awe of the scenery and it’s magical quality impressed itself upon us deeply. Even as the drive up and down the mountains, and the altitude of 3000′, induced dizziness and nausea in Caroline and crying in Solomon, we never lost sight of the mountains’ awesome beauty.

Below is another photo taken at Hayfork, about 45 minutes from Hyampom.

Finally, around 6:30pm or so, we arrived at the property in Hyampom. We came here to be caretakers on a 120-acre property and to begin hosting retreats – yoga and meditation retreats mainly, but also writing and health retreats. The idea is to ultimately buy our own property and set up a retreat center.

Let’s see how it goes.

One response to “Driving to Hyampom

  1. Wow Sariyd,
    What an amazing capture of the ride. I feel like I was right there with you guys.
    All the best on your new journey. Looking forward to reports and retreats to come.
    You’re living your dream and your sharing it with your friends. Thank you for that.
    What a great book this journey would make.


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