My Journey West

I squint into the setting sun of a dying day as I drive on highway 40W through the Texas panhandle. The earth here lies in a dusty sleep of unchanging flatness underneath the big, purple sky as night prepares to settle in. Caroline and Solomon are asleep in the back seat, beaten by the strain of long hours over barren highways. I, too, am worn as I push through fatigue in the hope of reaching Tucumcari, New Mexico before finally submitting to the call of sleep.

I feel free.

This freedom – of movement, of living a dream – energizes me just enough to keep my eyes open and my soul awake. I am moving not just to California but to a vision, to the whispers of dreams that revealed to me years ago why I am here.

My world, like yours, is an unfolding dream, a story that tells itself. We are only riders and watchers of the life we think is ours. But this life is not mine nor is yours yours. It belongs to the earth and to the inhabitants thereof. It belongs to the domains of birth and death who give it and take it on their own terms, in their own time. We can only pitch our tent between the two and hope the winds don’t tear it to shreds.

This journey I’m on, to California, started in Beverly, MA where Caroline and I had lived together for 3 years and where Solomon was born. We stopped in the Bronx to say hello and so long to my mother and my nephew, Andrew. We then proceeded on a southern route toward 40 West to California, stopping for overnight stays in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma City, and now heading toward our next overnight in New Mexico.

It’s a big country housing innumerable dreams and aspirations. Always has. The journey West for untold millions from all lands with stories and visions united by legend, lore, and lies has always been a narrative of hope, ambition, and infernal conquest.

Our journey as a family is now included in the cosmic record of transition and transformation. Our dream centers on creating a spiritual and healing retreat center called Healing Voyages Retreat Center in Northern California. It’s a vision aligned with our individual and mutual calling to serve the Human Family in this way.

We reach Tucumcari in in eastern New Mexico. It’s night. Tomorrow will rise a new sun on this journey west.

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