A Psychic Moment with Solomon

In the early afternoon of October 17, 2012 I experienced a moment ‘with’ my son, Solomon that I want to share and then explain why I am sharing this, which is to encourage all of us to more consciously explore our ‘inner mystic’.

I was in my sunlight-flooded kitchen and walked over to the fridge. As I opened the door to the fridge a scene played in my mind as scenes so very often do. In this scene I saw Solomon, who was just taken upstairs by my wife, Caroline, for his nap, being taken to his room for a nap. Got that?

As she reaches the top of the stairs with Solomon in her arms, she puts him down on the floor, he walks to his room, climbs into his bed on his own and lays down to sleep.

Normally, it’s a struggle to get Solomon to bed for a nap or for sleep at night. He loves to be awake so that he doesn’t miss any of the fun. This happens many times, not all. However, EVERY time he lays down to sleep, Caroline must be there with him or it just won’t happen. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit because when it’s just me and Solomon he does sleep, obviously.

So when I saw this scene play out in my mind, of Solomon going to bed voluntarily and peacefully I said, in my mind, ‘What a breakthrough moment!’

I then thought to myself that I would tell Caroline, when she came back down, ‘Wait ‘til the day comes when Solomon goes to the bed on his own for a nap, what a moment that will be!’

By the ‘moment’ I meant a moment of growth, of independence, of the maturation of Solomon.

When Caroline came downstairs she told me, before I could even say what I wanted to say about my mental scene, that when she went upstairs with Solomon and put him down on the floor he calmly went ahead to his room as she followed, climbed into his bed on his own, and lay down to go to sleep. He lifted his head from the pillow and gave her a look as if to say, ‘Well, aren’t you going to join me?’

I was amazed. Amazed at Solomon’s moment and amazed that I ‘saw’ it while downstairs. I then told Caroline of my moment. She was amazed.

(I used the word ‘amazed’ 4 times in a 3-sentence paragraph. Amazing!)

What a moment! What a life! What a gift!

Solomon adds immeasurable blessings to my Soul. He teaches me with every look, every sound, every step, every fall. I look into his eyes, observe his ways, watch his movements and I don’t see myself or his mother – I see him.

In him I see Life, I see Love, I see the Creative Power of Life and Love and their expression and evolution in Solomon, through Solomon, as Solomon.

I see it in all of us – only when my seeing cuts through the superficiality of my judgments, prejudices, beliefs and fears.




And this is why I share this with you today.

How many times have you had an experience that you could not explain in linear, rational terms, or even with words that approach what you experienced?

It could have been a waking experience where there was no precedent or frame of reference you could fall back on to help you define, understand, or explain it. The experience fell outside of the bounds of what you know and believe. In fact, it might even ‘disagree’ with what you believe or how you conceive your life, your world, your reality.

Yet, the experience was real in that you sensed it, as a sensory or extrasensory experience, and you passed through a mysterious transmission of energy and a memory formed as a result. Then follows questions and pondering.

Have you ever wondered what happened, and why? Ever wonder what it means? Ever wonder what other worlds or dimensions of being might exist around you? Within you? Ever wonder what else is there besides and beyond what you ‘know’?

If you have wondered, or still do, how do you feel when answers do not come easily, or at all? Scared? Confused? Indifferent? Playful? Child-like?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you DON’T NEED ANSWERS! Remain in your vessel of inquiry and allow yourself to be carried along the current of mystery.

I’m here to tell you that you are not what you THINK you are! You are not what you BELIEVE you are! You are not what you FEEL you are, or DREAM you are, or FEAR you are, or LOVE you are, or HAVE BEEN TAUGHT YOU ARE!

You are none of these things, none of these ‘answers’.

Yet, you are the thinking. You are the believing. You are the feeling. You are the dreaming. You are the fearing. You are the loving. You are the being, the learning, the declaring. And then you are not.

You are simply this….

Be content with that.

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