Trouble Falling Asleep? Try This – It Works

Last night I awoke in the middle of the night and could not fall back asleep. I lay in bed wide awake, tossing and turning, unable to find my drift back to sleep.

I had no worries or concerns, nothing with which I was preoccupied. I just could not fall asleep, and that, of course, became a concern in itself. And the harder I pressed to get sleep the more agitated I became.

Sound familiar? If so, here’s a technique I learned years ago while living in a metaphysical community. I applied this technique last night (I rarely need to as I very rarely have trouble sleeping) and it worked – it works every time.

Here it is:

– Tell your body, ‘…relax and sleep’ – one part at a time beginning at the feet and ending at the head.

– Here’s what you say:

‘toes, relax and sleep’
‘instep, relax and sleep’
‘soles, relax and sleep’
‘ankles, relax and sleep’
‘calves, relax and sleep’
‘shins, relax and sleep’
‘knees, relax and sleep’
‘thighs, relax and sleep’
‘hamstrings, relax and sleep’
‘pelvis, relax and sleep’
‘buttocks, relax and sleep’
‘ stomach, relax and sleep’
‘lower back, relax and sleep’
‘chest, relax and sleep’
‘upper back, relax and sleep’
‘neck, relax and sleep’
‘face, relax and sleep’
‘head, relax and sleep’

That’s it. Take a nice, easy pace while going through it. It takes less than five minutes to go through it. I never make it past my chest before drifting off.

Try variations, too. Instead of addressing each part of the feet, for example, try just the feet as a whole. Experiment – it’s your body, your relationship.

The first time I tried this I had to go through a full round and then start a second round before falling asleep. That was 11 years ago.

What I’ve discovered in doing this is that it builds and strengthens the mind-body connection; it nurtures intimacy between your conscious, physical self and your subtle, energetic Self; that remedies and resources originate within the Self; and that the power of the word and intention has an effect on conscious, physical  experience.

What will be your discovery when you do it?

8 responses to “Trouble Falling Asleep? Try This – It Works

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  2. Cuz, went to amazon to purchase your book but its for Kendel’s. I have an iPad. Is there any way other way that I can purchase it?


  3. I hope this helps Sariyd. I am a writer and I have three lovely kids. I go to work by day, take care of my troopers(my children) when I come back from work and still write in the night. Annoyingly sometimes I still can’t sleep! And I am obviously driving my hubby nuts, I guess my mind is always overactive. Will try this and let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing it though…


    • Thanks for sharing, Seyi. Give the technique a try a few times and see what happens for you. Keeping a journal of your experiences helps you gain insight and confidence in this realm of being – assuming this is relevant to you. Definitely keep me posted about your experiences.


  4. Yes indeed, a good exercise. I have found talking to my body parts to be rewarding in subtle ways. Like you said, it strengthens the mind body connection, or maybe the conscious unconscious one, but it works. Some folks tend to belittle their parts, like blaming them for letting them down if they get injured. It is better to compliment your body for the great job it is doing and apologize for letting something cause problems. =-)


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